My Strava Stats for July 2021

This post looks at my monthly stats from all my activities in July 2021 courtesy of Strava. As you can see from the images below, I was active all 31 days of the month, for 93 hours total exercise. Of that, 37% was biking, 31% walking, 30% yoga, and 2% swimming. I had hoped to do a lot more of the latter, but there is limited access to the only outdoor pool my gym has in town. Also, I don’t like sharing a lane, since I’m a lousy swimmer I need a whole one to myself. That and my ongoing energy deficit made it too difficult to get in. At least I got in the water twice. I’ve realized they have water aerobics, so I might consider that. But the struggle is real, and it continues.

Walking and biking combined for 595 miles. I do half an hour every day of slow walking, which is around 1.2 – 1.5 miles. I managed more than I expected on the bike — 550. The additional 100 miles came almost all from two longer rides that were pretty much flukes, coming as they did both times after long naps. Mostly I’m slogging along for 15 miles a day at 10 mph, which is pretty lethargic The other night I only managed eight miles and thought I was going to die, puke, or both I was so tired.

This chart shows an upward, if slow trend. © Strava

However, July has been cooler than usual due to some unusual extra rains. That definitely makes a difference. Even when it’s 85 instead of 95, one doesn’t tire out nearly as fast. Being mostly a night rider these days to avoid the heat and a recurrence of skin cancer, I take full advantage of cooler temperatures. I especially enjoy riding after the rain when the air is ionized and smells much cleaner. Night rides also allow me to rest up most of the day and there’s less traffic. With good lights and using sidewalks when necessary, I enjoy the solitude and relative peace and quiet.

Yoga continues to be daily and very gentle, mostly on the floor, and for the purpose of recovering from the daily bike ride. I am also still adding on five minutes of foam rolling and five minutes of a guided meditation using the Insight Meditation Timer. I’m also recording my yoga on Garmin vivoactive 3 music watch, because it credits me the calorie burn.

Git ‘er done, even if slowly. © Strava

I gave up the MyFitnessPal tracking on the advice of a nutritionist and gained 10 pounds in the last month or so. Stress and not sleeping enough are to blame, but also it’s the old ride to eat and eat to ride problem. Biking makes me hungry, and I can’t bike without fuel in the tank. a month, even though I’m still measuring what I eat. So that sucks, but hopefully it will come back down if I’m more mindful about it. I am keeping up my daily salad, but that’s not really enough vegetables.

One side effect of summer in Central Texas is that one may eat more when it’s really just thirst and dehydration. So even though I love fruit like peaches, grapes, etc. (I tend to forget I can buy watermelon and cantaloupe), but I need to drink at least one glass of water with Propel electrolyte packet day if not more. I do like a few swigs of pickle juice after a hot sweaty bike ride. The sodium and magnesium are good for the muscles.

All told, it was a decent month. But overall my health is not improving, and weight gain is not good for a fathlete. Now it’s August, which includes the hottest day of the year in Austin before temperatures begin their slow decline into fall. We’ll have a couple of days of rain and a “cold front” taking us down 10 degrees from 101 today to highs in the 80’s, which is nice. The heat index which can be 10 degrees higher with the humidity. Life goes on.

How was your July? Any new goals for August? Best of luck with your fitness goals!

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3 thoughts on “My Strava Stats for July 2021

  1. Thanks, as far as the blog reading goes, I’m poor but retired so I have TIME you don’t and where your blog is more prone to readership, mine is hey we went for RIDE check it out and you can hear the few that do groan, here we go same old same old, LOL!!! Having Ankylosing Spondylitis type arthritis as I do, “sitting” is actually more painful than “moving” so I pay for taking it easy, it’s hell getting OLD. have a excellent day and may your next ride we sunshine and tailwinds! 🙂

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  2. Well your doing better than me!! Stats for July (MapMyFitness App) last weekend in July was a bust as the wife had out of town family, which is RARE for us on either side! LOL, it means we sat and ate so I’m really behind in August. Jo has finally got doc’s ok to ride her trike again after last month’s heart attack, (thank GOD it was a minor one!). That means the rides are all back to “Beginner” stats for a time so the miles in August will probably be less unless I get out on my own and hit it! 😉 My stats are a mix of road cycling, torture on the in home exercise bike, walking (5K min. is our usual walk). I don’t keep track of the 30 mins. of warm up and stretch exercises we do every day. So smile next to me your “kick’in Bunns” have a better one! 🙂

    JULY 2021

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    1. PJ I’m so glad your wife is doing better after her small heart attack. Even though we’re active we’re getting older and things are bound to happen. So do your best and don’t compare yourself to anybody except yourself! I’m a fair bit younger even though I have my melodies I’m just doing slog with occasional longer rides if I am up to it, which is much less than I used to be able to do. Impressed by your staying active and hope I am too. Remember quality is just as if not more important than quantity. And you’re allowed to take it easy. Thanks for reading. Sorry I’m not a good blog follower!

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