12 Years (NOT) a Slave to Cars

One year ago I wrote about my anniversary of not owning a car when my car was hit on January 25, 2005.  So now it’s another year, and I suppose A Dude Abikes is a little bit proud about that accomplishment.  In last year’s post, I referenced Trump’s hair, Star Wars, real war, the environment, love and of course, bicycling.  Well, what a year it’s been!  Yes, the nightmare of a proto-fascist becoming president has come true.  But so has resistance come alive; A Dude Abikes attended the March on Austin with 50,000 friends, where he experienced a great deal of hope.  We’ve had another Star Wars movie, Rogue One, which if you think about it was about suicide bombers.  War in Syria and other places, probably some love somewhere, the hottest year on record, threats to re-open pipelines, etc. ad nauseam.  But most interesting to me, the biking.  So much biking.  ALL THE BIKING!  Did I mention I biked 5,306 miles in 2016?  I’m STILL sore!

A Dude Abikes attended the March on Austin with up to 50,000 people, including that guy with his bike in the photo

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5,306 Miles in 2016:  A Dude Abikes’ Year of Bicycling Vigorously

Mission Accomplished. (Unlike That President)

Well, A Dude Abikes did it!  He not only met his original goal of bicycling 4,000 miles for the year (or almost 77 per week); he totally crushed it by 1,300 miles, finishing at 5,306, averaging 102 per week.  He (OK, I) bicycled the equivalent of going from Key West, Florida to the edge of Mount Denali park in Alaska.  Here’s my Strava summary chart to prove it to the doubting Thomases out there.  (NOTE:  Pictures forthcoming.)


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