A Chat with Sophie the Fairdale at 20,000 Miles + 800 Consecutive Days of Bicycling

It’s a pair of milestones this time for A Dude Abikes and his trusty steed, Sophie, the Fairdale Weekender Archer. I won her in a raffle from Bike Austin back in 2017, though I didn’t start riding her exclusively until January of 2018. On Sunday, we passed 20,000 miles, according to the Gear setting on Strava, the fitness app (which means “to strive” in Swedish.) As it turned out, it happened the day after 800 days I bicycled in a row. Two years, two months and 10 days if you’re wondering.

There was some major effort involved, and with that some pain and suffering, that’s for sure. They’re all part of attaining these big numbers and worth commemorating. I’m not really tooting my horn here as much as I’m just reporting the facts. It’s another step on my journeys both on the bike and here in the pages of this blog.

Sometimes, by doing what I do and sharing it, I end up inspiring others. In fact, just the other day a dude followed me on Strava and said had this nice thing to say: “Thank you for reaching out and I’m excited to follow. I hope your posts will motivate me to add more miles! 🤙🤙” Pretty cool, I think. Let’s get to this chat with Sophie, shall we?

Screen shot of Sophie’s stats. Strava

A Dude: So, welcome back to ADudeAbikes.com, Sophie! How do you feel after turning 20,000 miles and riding for 800 days in a row?

Sophie: Thanks, Dude, Happy to be hear. I’m a machine, so I don’t have feelings and I’m not tired. But since we’re having this chat — wait, you know this is imaginary, right, Dude?

ADAB: Of course. I’ve not gone totally bonkers yet. I’m only at partial bonker status here. You never want to go full bonkers. Besides, this is about a serious effort, but these chats are mostly for fun.

Sophie: OK, just checking. And I love our chats, too. To finish answering your question before I so rudely interrupted you, Dude, I am happily amazed we made it this far! 20 K is a pretty long way.

ADAB: Wait, what? You doubted me? (Southern accent) Ah’m scandahlized!

Sophie: To quote Harvey Korman as Count de Money in Mel Brooks’ The History of the World, Part 1, “Now don’t get saucy with me, Bernaise!” Of course, I believe in you, Dude!

ADAB: Well, I’m just wondering, because you know I’m not the fastest gun in the West. Not even close. And with your nine speeds and my being, you know, older and, um, undertall, we’re not out there winning any races. Or entering them, for that matter. That’s for the hammerheads, and they can have it!

Sophie: Oh, I don’t care about that stuff. I know you’re a fathlete (cuz you’re sitting on my seat all those miles). But we’re in it for longevity, health, and fun, not to win any races. And the tortoise beat the hare.

ADAB: Hey! I resemble that remark. Yes, I know I’m a fathlete, but I get there, don’t I? Plus I may be old and a bit flabby, but I’m not doing too shabby. And I just aced my treadmill stress test. You’re right about that tortoise. Anything else you’d like to share with the audience, Soph? Favorite ride? Pearls of wisdom?

Sophie chillin’ on the porch at night.

Sophie: Let’s see, what happened the last 5,000 miles since the previous big milestone of 15,000 miles? Well, you just got me a new Gatorskin Black tire the other day. I’m tired of all these glass****s littering the bike lanes. Prior to that, new brake pads, a good cleaning – you know, I look forward to stuff like that. And the birthday rides are always fun. That 56.56 miler with four guest riders was pretty cool! Oh! You know I always love the Southern Walnut Creek Trail.

ADAB: Good times, good times. What about some of those pearls?

Sophie: Well, I suppose we’re both getting older and may be slowing down a bit. But that’s OK, it’s natural! It’s fine to not be doing the many hills or long charity rides (which COVID kinda put a damper on). And those early morning shop rides, well, those are for the birds. They can have the damn worms. Riding should be fun! Plus there’s sun, exercise, transportation, and conservation.

ADAB: All excellent points as to why we ride. Any last words as we wrap this chat up, Sophie?

Sophie: Uh, how about a shameless plug? Go buy a Fairdale bike!

ADAB: Now look who’s getting saucy! But sure, they’re great bikes, and the company was started in Austin, Texas.

2022 Fairdale Bikes
Source: Fairdale Bikes (art by founder Taj Mihelich)

Sophie: Well, I’m an independent woman and to quote The Dude, “Well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

ADAB: No arguments here, The Dude hath spoken. Plus, A Dude needs to go take his daily walk and then do his daily yoga and foam rolling. Gotta take care of these legs! So we’ll chat again soon, alright Sophie?

Sophie: Sure thing. We’re a team. Let’s not wait for another 5,000 miles, though, alright Dude?

ADAB: Alright, alright, alright. By the way, I’ve got a present for you. It’s for Chanukahmas.

Sophie: Oh, really! Cool. What is it? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

ADAB: That would ruin the surprise.

Sophie: I don’t care. I must know NOW!

Source: TimeandDate.com

ADAB: Well, OK, here’s a clue. It’s a new part, the only one I haven’t replaced on you, and it’s a French word.

Sophie: Je ne parle pas le français, Dude. I only know a few words. Is it Fromage? Chapeau? Biblioteque?

ADAB: No. I’m not giving you cheese, a hat, or a library. You’ll just have to wait for it then, OK? Happy Challahdaze, Sophie!

Sophie: OK, Dude. Same to you! Are we riding again tomorrow?

ADAB: As we say here in Texas (even us non-believers): “Good lord willin’ and the crik don’t rise.” And does the day of the week end in the letter y?

Sophie: No rising creeks, it’s going to be 80 degrees on Christmas Day, but that’s a yes. And hey, I may be a bicycle but I’m not dumb. Say good night, Dude!

ADAB: Good night, Dude!

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      1. Oh, right. Yes, the d-word. Shh! Don’t tell her! There’s a brand of seat called Selle Royale, isn’t there? Good guess, though, but I put Sookie’s seat on her a good while ago. Harvesting her grips with the wrist rests, too.

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