A Third Chat with Sophie the Fairdale Who Turned 15(,000 Miles) on Jan. 15th with a 15-Mile Ride

Back on April 14, 2020, I wrote a post I called “Another Chat with Sophie the Fairdale, Who Just Turned 10(,000 Miles).” Well, as you can see, we’ve just hit 15,000. So that’s worth a third chat, wouldn’t you agree? Good, I’m glad. Yes, I know you can’t really talk to bicycles. Well, you can, but they don’t answer. If they do, that would be news. Just play along, it’ll be fine, I promise. Jeez, so literal! By the way, Fairdale Bikes are an Austin company and I have to thank Fairdale Bikes, Bike Austin and Hill Abell with Bicycle Sport Shop for gifting me with Sophie in a raffle back in 2017. Be sure to check out my first post about Sophie: The Fairdale Weekender Archer: A Review of My New Bicycle I Won in a Raffle!

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ADAB: So, Sophie, congratulations on making it to your 15,000th mile! That’s so awesome! Exactly, too, right on the money. How do you feel?

Sophie: Well, super psyched, first of all. We did it! The haters said we’d never get anywhere close. And we beat every year even on Sookie the 27-speed aluminum bike. I’ve only got 9 gears and weight 28 pounds! Like you, I’d say I’m pretty tired. I’m glad we’re takin’ ‘er a bit easier these days with mostly 10-milers. But you know, I’m a bicycle, so as long as you keep me tuned up, I’m happy. But yeah, 15,000 miles is a pretty big deal.

ADAB: What do you think about the fact that we did a 15-mile ride on the 15th of the month to make it to 15,000? Weird, right?

Sophie: Yeah, I guess so, but you’re the numbers guy, I just wanna ride! Maybe it was kismet or astrology or something, the planets aligned correctly. But I had fun making it to this big milestone, pardon the pun. Seeing the sunset by Town Lake, great views of the downtown Austin skyline, taking the trail, was all nice. Although all the folks camped out by City Hall is pretty sad.

ADAB: Yeah, being homeless sucks I’m sure. It’s no picnic. Well, if you’re living and eating outdoors, every meal is like a picnic, if you can get food, just not a fun picnic. Anyway, 2020 was a devil of a year. I had fun with the number 666 since last year we rode 6,666.66 miles, so today’s 15 + 15 + 15 could be written as 666. I think it’s silly to think that three numbers mean the devil. Tell me, what’s next?

Sophie: Well, I think we’re going to keep taking it easy this year. Just 3,334 miles still averages 5,000 for two years. You deserve a break, so you can do other stuff like strength exercises with stretchy bands, read, practice flute, and maybe eventually get back to swimming, right? And maybe get the darn book published, amirite?

ADAB: Yeah, that’s all true. You are one smart cookie. Well, I gave up cookies, this is my fourth year of virtually no flour products. Fat lotta good that has done me, though. How does it feel to know that you’ve taken me farther than Sookie, the Fuji Silhouette?

Sophie: Well, she was pretty great. We got to hang out for a good couple of years there. She took you almost 11,000 miles, which was awesome! I never thought I’d make it to even 10,000, so she really inspired me. I know you miss her, I do, too. But she gave me my handlebar extenders, pedals with clips on one side and flat on the other, and some other stuff, so she lives on in spirit. We literally wouldn’t be where we are today without her. So major props and respect to good ol’ Sook!

ADAB: Can you think of any highlights from the last year?

Sophie: Well, there are so many. I always love the annual birthday ride in October. We go around town getting free stuff and usually some friends join for part of it. Last year there were four different guest riders! Not so much free stuff, thanks, coronavirus! Although, I do have to say that during the lockdown period, biking with so little traffic was divine. New bike lanes down Congress Avenue are pretty cool. I have to say, that biking every single day of the year for over 15 months now, has been incredible. So much riding! But again, tiring. The two Black History rides were amazing. Ride 1 and Ride 2 were educational and also part of the Black Lives Matter protests. Riding with Rhodney has been cool, too. He’s a pretty chill dude. Too many memories, I’d have to check our Strava activities!

ADAB: Anything else you want to add, Sophie?

Sophie: Hmm… I really enjoyed today’s photo shoot, striking a few poses! Also, anyone who wants to bike should! You have to be able to balance, pedal and get a bike. But if you can do that, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. It’ll come back to you if you did it as a kid, and if not, well, it’s just like riding a bike! It’s fun, good exercise, stress relief, and if replaces driving a car to work even one day a week, that reduces pollution so it’s good for the planet. You don’t have to go nuts and ride 26,543 miles in over five years and two weeks like we did! But you can probably do a lot more if you want and work your ass off.

Mountains jersey by Castelli Source

ADAB: Well said, Sophie! Let’s wrap it up there, and until next time, thank you for your service. You’re a true pal, my trusty steed, and like everyone says about with your sea foam green, you’re pretty. Just like me! I tell them. They always laugh for some reason. Say good night, Sophie!

Sophie: Good night Sophie! Wait, I’m Sophie, why would I do that?

ADAB: It’s an old joke. Go to bed now.

Sophie: OK, A Dude. Fine. Nighty night. (Muttering: He’s a little weird sometimes.)

ADAB: I heard that!

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