September 2020 Stats: And I Did Walk (& Bike) 501 Miles

Last September set records for being hotter than July even here in Central Texas. This year, wonderfully cool weather arrived on the 4th, cancelling out 29 days of 100+ degree F days in August. But I still had to do less biking because of my dumb J-O-B. So it was all I could do to make my 100 bike miles and 10.5 or more walking miles for the week. But together, 501 is still pretty respectable. Life goes on, even during a pandemic. You do your best. Let’s go to the numbers.

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Many factors go into biking as much as I do. As you can see from the graph above, my riding did take a dip last month after peaking this year (thus far) in July. The daily pedaling is taking its toll, too. Going out at night to beat the heat and UV rays leads to late night hunger (often causing a craving for carbohydrates), and that in turn tends to reduce sleep time. Then the alarm goes off and I’m up for work but not rested. It’s what you might call, pardon the pun, a vicious cycle. Sometimes I take naps, or rather I have to lie down and crash. And I’m not sitting at a desk, either, so yeah, I’m bushwhacked! But there was no work the last two days so I got a solid eight hours last night plus a nap today, so let’s hope I’m on the mend.

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Fortunately, the job is coming to an end quite soon. It’s been taxing for sure, involving a number of weeks of overtime and while it wasn’t digging ditches, it was still pretty exhausting. I’ll have a bit of a break before deciding my next move. Speaking of which, I have to move houses again. Searching for a new one is never fun. Still, being the starving artist I am, I don’t own a home, so renting involves searching Craigslist. Hopefully, I will find a random housemate who is rides him or herself or is at least friendly to bicyclists and has a house that suits all my qualifications, especially a safe place to store my bikes.

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Some of you, Dear Readers, also ride bicycles, and some don’t care about statistics and are just doing what they can to commute to work or recreationally ride. Some are hard-core racers, cross-country bad-asses, or just in generally better shape. As a fit but overweight athlete, aka fathlete, I fall somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. As this image shows, I’m approaching 5,000 miles for the year with a quarter to go. With the usual disclaimer barring accident, illness or something worse, I hope to have my best year ever on the bike. After that, I plan to take a break. We’ll see if I’m even able to. The whole biking every day streak would be hard to end. Then again, it’s high time I start focusing on making money, not miles, my main mission in life.

Well, September’s gone. Now it’s October. And today I’ve already done my walk, yoga and writing, even a little time watching my stories. So it’s time for a late-night ride, nothing too fast or long. The weather is a lovely 76 F. Onward through the crazy year that is 2020. Be well, y’all!

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