My 500th Blog Post: Thank You, Dear Readers!

When milestones come and go, as they do for us all, they serve as signposts on the journey of life. Some, like birthdays, just happen. Others, we made happen through an action in the past, like the anniversary of college graduation. And still more are things we create every day with our efforts. Such is the case for this, my 500th blog post. That’s a ton of words in five years if I may say so. (532,738 to be exact, not including this post.) That’s an average of 1,068 words per post, and maybe somewhere around five or six novels. But this is not all about statistics, it’s about what it all means.

Letters, Numbers, Blocks, Alphabet
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Those numbers represent a lot of hours, and a lot of work. And as any blogger knows, it’s not just coming up with the topic, sometimes doing research, writing, rewriting, adding photos, captions and the like. My writing is mostly about other work I do:  riding the bicycling, walking, practicing yoga, a little bit of swimming, and a variety of other topics. Not every post has been my best work ever that will be winning any Bloggy awards anytime soon.

But all that’s about me. The other very important side of the equation is you, dear reader. You may be a constant one, occasional, or this is your first one. Welcome and thank you. Without readers, I’m just shouting into the wind. I hope you’ve gained something from my posts. If so, keep coming back. Let me know what you think. Tell a friend.

So, what does it all mean? It could be Shakespeare’s “much sound and fury signifying nothing.” Or my many totally witty and wise bon mots that have saved or improved countless lives (hey, it could happen). The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

Often, I’m just pulling *something* together so I can publish three times a week. In those cases, I tend to write about myself, especially with the statistics (like the above). That gets a bit old, but the point is to inspire others to at least try to do more than they think they can. Sometimes, I have good thoughts and the time to process and massage them into something more coherent. I’m happy enough about a few posts that I’ve considered submitting them for publication but haven’t yet.

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The goal I set and began on New Year’s Eve of 2018 was to write 30 minutes per day, or at least 500 words. And I’ve done that, and more. I also got a draft manuscript out of it by writing it on alternate, non-blog days. There is also the burden of history: I try not to repeat myself. Ultimately, it took me deciding that my story was worth telling. With each post I do what I can, wait to see what happens and hope for the best. How long or if I continue is an open question. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, thank you again – most sincerely. –A Dude Abikes

(This post is exactly 500 words not including this sentence, the title or the standard ending below.)

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11 thoughts on “My 500th Blog Post: Thank You, Dear Readers!

  1. Keep ’em coming. But don’t be afraid to do less. I went from 2 down to 1 per week, and life is generally better… A “full load” for a newspaper columnist used to be 2 columns per week at 800 words each.

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    1. Wow, good to know. Of course quality here isn’t that of the NYT. If I get serious about self-publishing my book or trying to get an agent or editor, I should do less blogging. Or get a full time job. Working and writing and biking and walking and yogaing and tving is exhausting.

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