27-Mile Brushy Creek Trail Ride + Peddler Bike Shop Stop

Sunday Started Without Any Sun

On a balmy, grey, at first foggy, then later somewhat sunny Sunday, A Dude rousted himself from his slumber and busted out a decent distance of a bicycle ride.  It was the first longer ride in a while, and it was done because that’s what he does, for fitness, fun and so on.  But also it was in order to make his 50-mile goal for the week and to have something to blog about.  So in a way, if you’re reading this, you’re partially responsible for making it happen! How is that for participation? And you didn’t even have to get up off your couch and bike 27 miles.  Here’s the quick map / video from Relive.

The Peddler Bike Shop

Good but selective selection of bikes, clothes, gear and they have a repair shop and are next door to a brewery if that appeals

On my ride, I stopped off for some Jujy Fruit. No, just kidding, that’s a Seinfeld joke from one of my favorite episodes, “The Opposite.”  Elaine’s boyfriend is in the hospital. She was at the movie when she found out and it was “right there.” The boyfriend had been in a bike wreck.  Anyway, he broke up with her because of the Jujy Fruit stop.

Actually, since I was going right by it, I stopped off at The Peddler Bike Shop.  This is their second, more northern shop.  I’ve been a customer since the days they had only the one shop on North Loop.  I always remember Mike the Mechanic (now at Sun & Ski Sports) saying he’d be glad to work on my old green Huffy mountain bike.  He didn’t discriminate.  Of course, he was glad to take my money, too.

The Peddler is a local bike shop with two locations, Cedar Park (NW) & Hyde Park (Austin)

Sebastian was a friendly and helpful guy to talk to.  The owner AJ is a good guy, very active in the bike riding scene.  In fact, he was at some fat tire bike riding event today.  The brands they carry include:

Anyway, it’s a nice small, local shop, and the guys at the Duval store are also very knowledgeable and helpful.


More Photos from Today

I tend to take a lot of pictures on bike rides, so please enjoy.

I brought my bike in the bathroom to not have to lock it and for some reason this photo happened
Sunset over Highway 183 in Cedar Park
I expected Greek sandwiches, or Batman, but neither were there










Curling was on the Olympics and Norway was mopping the floor with the US (that is a great pun, ya’ll!)





More riveting curling action.




This is a Longhorn, symbol of Texas.
Brunch was served on an old-timey plate with garden scene.  Steak, sweet potato, black wild rice, black beans, cheese, onion and verde salsa.
This area is near where I’m housesitting, and is off-limits.




Mr. Stick, meet Dr. Fang!




















Other Happenings

I like this subtitle and may keep experimenting with it for a while:

  • Buddy and I (ok, just I) got turned around in the suburbs I took him to after dark to avoid the coyotes.  So we walked 2 miles, plus over 1 in the morning.  He prefers to be leash-less, and I prefer to not have to collect his poop in a bag.  #PlanAhead
  • I felt pretty good biking, if a bit out of shape, but I also made 9 PRs (Personal Records — going faster over certain segments on Strava than previously).  So maybe my fatigue is more being mentally tired of biking, given all the miles I did over the last two years.  That, and having other things to do (like blog).
  • I was excited to film a little video of Buddy and the stick but it didn’t record.  Same with some seriously fighting geese at the park on my bike ride.  But oh well, life goes on.
  • This blog has received 700 visitors this year in just 50 days, which because I barely wrote anything last year, I received 695 visitors for all of 2017.  This is a good sign and also not very many people compared to many bloggers.  So I’m very grateful but also know I have a long way to go to find an audience.

Until next time, A Dude Abikes is outta here.


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