An Aborted Ride in the Rain Due to a Flat Tire, but Buck’s Bikes Came to the Rescue!

Finally I made it out to ride my bike, but then it rained and I got a flat.  I had a jacket and was warm enough, and could have replaced the flat myself, but I had a bike date, if you can believe that, so I couldn’t be late.  Also, since I had just replaced the tube recently, I knew something was going on that required more expertise.  Luckily I was literally stopped right outside a bike shop when I noticed the flat. Before I go any further, please click on this link to see a cool short map video of my ride:


A Dude Abikes Likes Bucks Bikes!

I had not been to Buck’s Bikes before since it’s not on my normal route.  I didn’t have time to check out the whole store but it’s large — they have a huge space with all kinds of bikes, and a full service area.   Also, being an independent store, it’s a local business, which A Dude likes.  They have one location on 183 and another in Round Rock.  If you’re in the Austin area, you can check them out at

Strava Jollyville 2.17.18 ride.png
Ray, Trish, Tom and others were all friendly, and Ray was fast on the flat repair.  He found glass and a bit of wire from my tire in there.  Time to replace the tire since I rode so much last year.

Again, for me, just getting out on a ride was a victory.  I’m beginning to think my fatigue is not so much anemia, though I do still chill easily, have brain fog and am often still tired even after a nap, which are indications that something is off.  But it could be something other than iron deficiency, but who knows?  We’ll see when the lab tests come back.  I just have to take it easy, day by day.  Good advice for anyone facing a comeback, medical issue, or whatever other obstacle comes your way!

Say It With Me:  “Passing on the Left!”

THIS GUY didn’t announce he was passing me on a busy road with a narrow bike lane. That’s dangerous, rude and unnecessary!    So please, don’t be THIS GUY!

I’d like to comment on the practice some riders do of not saying “passing on the left.” I think it’s dangerous and rude to not do that. It happened to me today by the gentleman in red and black in the photograph here. I didn’t get a chance to ask him why he snuck up on me, but later he did wave back to my wave when going the other way. Still, how hard is it to say “on your left” or something? It’s not hard.  It’s simple courtesy to say something so you don’t startle riders or cause crashes.  Like turning on your turn signal in a car.  I could put his name from Strava but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt — for now.

But, like unskillful car drivers, there are bike riders who are rude, unmindful, or make mistakes.  Maybe he was just never told that’s the protocol. I also think poor behavior on bikes is sometimes a matter of discrimination.  Really good riders who know they’re good are sometimes snobs to people with less fancy kits, older bikes, or who are going slower or are not skinny.  Obviously, this is wrong, bad manners and class-based prejudice.

Or maybe he was just a royal douche-bag, in which case, get a clue, dude!

Other Happenings Today

  • My blog received an incredible 153 views today, the most ever!  Also there have been 48 visitors, 89 likes, 16 comments and 86 followers (updated after the screen grab below).  Those may not be big numbers for some, but it is for me!  Thanks everyone, especially Kenya and Nigeria !  I am sorry I cannot read and follow every single blog, or even like and comment on  everything. I do the best I can but it’s already taking a ton of time, and I should be reading, writing, typing and other projects.  Once I go back to work I may only be able to do a few blogs a week.  So I hope people understand that.  If that means losing followers, I’m okay with that.

    feb 17 2018 blog stats
    Stats from today are in orange on the right.  Orange you glad I included this screen shot?
  • I met a new friend who saw my profile in the paper.  I guess you could call it a bike date, though we didn’t ride, we were going to originally before I lost all my energy. She was very friendly and inquisitive and has an interesting life story, which most everyone does, but everyone’s is different.  She has the same last name as a famous European bike rider but doesn’t know if she’s related. Anyway, she was nice, but lives on the other side of town, but perhaps we’ll ride bikes or see a movie some time.
  • Two 30′ walks with Buddy the dog.  No coyotes.
  • Yoga for 30′ as usual.
  • I have my second interview subject lined up and ready to go!  I’m very grateful and inspired to tell that person’s story.  But first I have to finish part 2 of the David Walker interview.  That’s going to be a doozy too.  Isn’t the suspense terrible?


Breakfast was steel cut oats, My Morning Chocolate, apples, cloves and cinnamon, almond milk, almond butter and cranberries.


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5 thoughts on “An Aborted Ride in the Rain Due to a Flat Tire, but Buck’s Bikes Came to the Rescue!

  1. Your blog does take up some time. I tend to rather be on here than other social media. Looks like you’re doing great though. And if you go back to work, that’s okay. You’ll find time if you want to. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Blogging daily is work, especially with photos, links, some research, proofreading, and when I don’t stick to one topic and 500 word limit. My other goal is writing a book about my 10,000 miles in two years (see 1/15 post and link to article in Austin paper). After 100 posts I plan to blog three times a week. We do our best and as a hobby it’s whatever we can do. Making money off it is very hard since there are literally millions of blogs. Do you have social media set up to broadcast every time you blog? Writing without many followers can be discouraging, so that’s the direction I think I need to go.


    1. thanks, of course, it’s largely out of our hands how people reply if they do at all. or you spend all day liking, thanking, commenting, reading. so there must be a balance. if you focus on writing good stuff and promote it (which i don’t), hopefully people find it, follow and actually read it too!


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