Equanimity & 499 More Words in 30 Minutes (Day 3)

A statue epitomizing equanimity during a rare recent snow

Today’s blog is a writing exercise.  A Dude wants to see if he can write 500 words in 30 minutes.  He can tend to be long-winded, and while that may appeal to some readers, it may dissuade others.  Since I intend to write daily for some period, perhaps even the whole of January, it behooves me to be brief.

It’s refreshing to hear from people who read my blog recently.  One is a fellow cyclist who bikes in the winter — in Finland!  Thank you all!  This blog was intended to be an experiment, and I have a lot to learn about doing it well.  New Year resolutions being what they are – much sound and fury signifying nothing – I’m not making many hard and fast rules for myself right now.

I’ve finished my third day of only fresh juice, water and herbal tea.  It’s been tough as well as beneficial.  Today I got some library books that will help with transitioning to solid food while hopefully continuing to make better nutritional choices.  Last night I did some skin brushing before an Epsom salt bath, which was great.  I also went on my third walk in as many days, practiced Yoga With Adriene, and I went on my first bike ride of 2018.  Not much distance, just some errands, but it was good though I was shaky.

I just noticed that the post about my Fairdale Weekender Archer bicycle drew almost 400 views, which surprises me.  The sea foam green is pretty eye-catching, and I have received a number of compliments for it.  Today I replaced a flat inner tube that occurred when I ran over a huge nail one night, and I cleaned it up a bit before riding.  After having the Fuji Silhouette professionally fitted, I may need to do some adjustments to the Archer.  I can feel the difference and hope it improves my power and speed.

Niles the calm, cool and collected cat contemplating the birds and matching beautifully with the curtain and my juice

My Garmin cadence and speed sensors came into the Sun & Ski Sports shop today.  I look forward to using the home trainer.  Preferably I bike outside and have managed to avoid stationary cycling save for the rare occasion.  But with the temperatures hitting 20 F and for the time savings that a more intense spin session can bring, it’s a good choice for me.  I’d like to get Zwift, a video-game like experience that connects with Strava, but that’s not in the budget for now.  There’s plenty of TV shows to watch, and actually I’ve eschewed TV during this fast.

Seventy-six words and 13 minutes left.  That’s not a lot to wrap things up.  I will have some big news soon.  It’s a “good” thing, mostly, but one teaching of Buddhism that is useful when things are “bad” that I aspire to is equanimity:

“mental or emotional stability or composure, especially under tension or strain; calmness; equilibrium.” 

I have experienced a bit of equanimity fasting, and it’s a very helpful quality while biking or any pursuit, so I wish it for you.

My time is up for today.

serenity now 2serenity now 3

Note:  Captions, this and the note below brought the word count up, but the post by itself was 500.  Adding links and photos, editing, and going down rabbit holes on the internet took more time.

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