November 2019 Strava Stats: 581 Miles on My Bicycle

After another 20-mile day today getting disc brake pads for Sophie the Fairdale, and then putting them on at Yellow Bike Project, I thought I’d write about that. But it seemed somewhat familiar, so guess what? It turns out I already did a post about brakes for Sookie the Fuji. So I’ll write about the month that just passed instead, which means eleven months down, one to go. I didn’t take a day off as I certainly have earned, because, goals. (Though a couple of days I only biked a mile or two, I’ve been riding daily since my birthday October 11.)

I also continued my habits of doing yoga and walking as well as of course writing this blog or editing and revising my book daily. As for all the biking, it was to make up time from this summer (presents are still accepted). Anyway, 581 miles is very good for me, especially with an injury that really slowed me down. So I had a good month on the bicycle despite of that. Herewith are the numbers for your reading pleasure.

Cranking out the hundo+ weeks is a lot of time and effort, y’all!

What interests me, and might interest those of you seeking a little inspiration, is that for the last two weeks I’ve had a painful health issue that has made biking a challenge. But I’ve managed to continue somehow. It’s looks to be subsiding, so that’s good news. When it will totally clear up remains to be seen, but we can hope for the best. Movement is good, but so is takin’ ‘er easy.

I’m long-overdue for a break, as this is day 52 in a row of cycling. But for now I’m just hoping the old bod’ can power through and get myself to the holiday and probably take a break then. Meanwhile, life goes on. Few people seem concerned about my mileage goal, which of course represents a lot more to me. That’s ok. Those who do cheer me on like you are much appreciated.

What I can tell you about the mileage is that it takes commitment and diligence. Others who are inspired might, have and will certainly surpass me. But despite my setbacks, I have persisted. That more than anything is the secret sauce to my being a boss on the bike sandwich. If you focus on what’s going in front of you, you may not make it to the goal you set, but you’ll make progress. And that’s plenty to be happy, proud and satisfied with.

It’s been a long day beating the pavements to attract abundance, which in this case means finding a temporary day job. Although I already have work — writing this blog, and biking to have things to talk about — as yet it is not hauling in vast riches, at least in paychecks. But someday soon I may start offering people the opportunity to donate so I can afford to keep this blog going.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep riding and writing, and you do that voodoo that you do so well. Feel free to tell me and other readers about your November achievements in the comments. Happy December, y’all!

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2 thoughts on “November 2019 Strava Stats: 581 Miles on My Bicycle

    1. Thanks, it was a battle of mind over body with the injury for sure. I’m going embarrassingly slowly, but oh well. Trying to reach my silly goal so we’ll see as I need to be getting back to work. Indoors counts, but I don’t have a good home trainer and I find it boring. Plus I have no car so it’s bike or the bus. What kind of trainer do you have and what do you do to prevent boredom?


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