My August 2018 Biking and Walking Stats on Strava

This post is a brief review of my walking and biking in August through pictures, courtesy of the fitness tracking application, Strava.  Check ’em out, and enjoy all my sweaty efforts!  I’ve added alot of additional fun facts about my riding for those of you who geek out on numbers, or are just curious what a month of disciplined, diligent bike riding looks like.  Hopefully you had a few accomplishments too, and feel free to share them in the comments.  All images are Copyright Strava 2018.

Let’s Go to the Numbers

August Strava stats
I did something!  Every.  Damn.  Day!
August Strava stats 2
367 miles equals the distance of the Texas coast from Mexico to Louisiana.  I walked/bike the equivalent!  Also, 2 miles up!
August 2018 Strava stats 5
A Personal Record could be on a short or long segment.  15 isn’t bad at all.
August 2018 Strava stats 3
Counting my 16 hours of yoga, which I track separately, that’s almost three entire days of activity.
August 2018 Strava stats 4

Additional Fun Facts

  • I took 11 rest days off the bike.  That means I biked 320 miles in 20 days, for an average of 16 miles on the days I did bike.
  •  My biggest ride was 50 kilometers, 31 miles, and my biggest day was 35 miles total.
  • I totalled 10,302 miles on the Fuji.  Save for 3 miles on 9/1, I haven’t ridden it since.
  • I completed three 50-mile weeks, done in three or four days.
  • I finished my first 100-mile week since the last week of June.
  • I did my first 125-mile week in quite some time, but that included the 9/1 and 9/2.
  • It was hot, so most but not all my rides were in the evening, and it was still warm.
  • I was #112,852 out of 253,836 people doing the August mileage challenge.
  • Of the 7 other people doing the challenge that I follow, I was fourth.
  • The 320 miles I rode is 503 kilometers, but I only completed 40% of the goal.
  • By comparison, the 2018 Vuelta a Espana is 3,271.4 km (2,033 mi) in 21 days.
  • Total miles for 2018 as of August, 31 was 2,509.6 miles.
  • If I average 11 miles every day the rest of the year, I will meet my 4,000 mile goal.
  • Ouch!


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3 thoughts on “My August 2018 Biking and Walking Stats on Strava

  1. WOW!
    You kicked some major butt! And in the teeth of those dog days of summer at that. Every damn day, you were bringing it.
    If nothing else, technology is wonderful for its ability to record these efforts. Very cool stuff, Dude.

    Here’s to personal records and to bringing it every damn day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. Not like May, that was alit more, but unpaid for it. Every day is a new one to try to do better. But it’s almost always feeling like I’m going up a hill of quicksand. More sleep and veggies and less sugar and Vuelta a España etc TV. Did you like the images, is that something you’d like to see monthly? P.S. It’s all your fault for saying I could reach 4,000 miles, Marco. Instead of the 2,500 I was going to do. P.P.S. Are you on Strava?


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