5/5/2023: 5 Things You *May* Want to Do in Bike Month

It’s that time of year in the USA when the sun has come out, the snow has thawed, and the flowers have bloomed. Basically, it’s the best time to, as Queen sang, “Get on your bikes and ride!” In Austin, Texas, it felt like 97 degrees thanks to the humidity coming up from the Gulf of Mexico. Your dude just managed to ride eight miles to the post office before a storm blew in some lighting, thunder, and rain. Summer in Austin often feels like you’re wearing a hot, wet blanket while you bicycle, but sometimes it’s nice after the rain with a breeze. Regardless of weather, biking is what we do here at ADudeAbikes.com, every damn day for over 3.5 years. Like they say, a rolling stone gathers no moss. By now, you MAY have gathered that National Bike Month is here, so here are five things to do in Austin but also beyond, if biking is your jam–or you want it to be. (Mmm, jam.)

Bike Month Challenge, May 1-31: Love to Ride is a website that encourages people to “put butts on bikes.” You sign up as an individual, through your workplace, or bike club, and then track and log your rides. It’s easier if you have a Garmin watch like me or computer and are on the fitness tracker Strava. Or mount up and ride with a friend. I logged in years ago and it’s still logging. I never won anything but you can do it for fun and to challenge yourself or others. Just remember, “Comparison is the death of joy,” said Buddha. LoveToRide.net

Bicycle Advisory Commission, May 16: In Austin, we have a group of citizens appointed by City Council members to, naturally, advise them on good bike policy. I’ve been once and it’s interesting in a nerdy, policy wonk perspective. Sign up and go speak on a topic or just listen to learn what the City is up to regarding all things bike. If you aren’t here, see if your town has a BAC, or go annoy your council for more bike lanes. Austin Bicycle Advisory Commission

International Ride of Silence, May 17: On the other end of the spectrum from excitement to grief.is this ride. It was founded up the road in Dallas, Texas to honor a friend who died biking after being hit by a car. It has since expanded to hundreds of cities around the world (Check your town below, or if it’s not having it, host one!) Please Be Kind to Bikes used to host it here, but that group disbanded. The goal is to remember those hurt or killed while cycling, and to raise awareness of the rights of cyclists to share the road. I hear Central Austin will finally have this ride again for 2023 after a four year break. It’s a celebration of life, but done IN SILENCE. This is a powerful experience for the cyclists and a very visible way to communicate the need for cars to drive more safely. RideOfSilence.org

Bike to Work Day, May 19: Bike to Work is a whole week, but tue main day is usually the third Friday (check your local listings). If you’re so lucky as to have a job, but unlucky enough not to be able to work from home, this is something fun to do. You’re biking to work anyway, so you MAY as well find your nearest filling station nearest your commute route. Stop off for drinks, snacks, and swag from your local bike groups or shops. Bike Austin used to hold a contest: the winner with the most stamps from visiting the most stations gor something. I went once and it was nice. It’s free, and dree is usually good. Check your local bike advocacy groups or City Transportation department. In Austin, Ghisallo Cycling Initiative has a map and is taking sign ups for fueling stations: 2023 Bike to Work Sign-up Form (They hosted Bike to School Day on May 3.)

Take a class, volunteer to Earn a Bike, or work on your own bike, May 1-31: Yellow Bike Project has been improving their organizational structure, overhauling their website, and adding more community bike shops and classes. One class is called WTF, for Women, Trans, and Femme folks to have their own safe space away from the usual cis het male-dominated bike culture that has become better, but still persists. You can donate a bike or parts, buy used bikes that have been fixed up, and all kinds of other stuff. What a great resource! (I’ve met and been helped by the Coordinator in Training pictured above, and like most everyone at YBP, she’s nice and awesome.) AustinYellowBike.org

Well, that’s my five recommendations foe Bike Month. What are YOU up to to celebrate? What does your town do?

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7 thoughts on “5/5/2023: 5 Things You *May* Want to Do in Bike Month

  1. I applaud you for being out there in near 100 degree temps. I have a ninety-five and over rule that goes like this. Under ninety-five, run . . over ninety-five, have a cold one.

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    1. Good rule. I have the belly but not had a beer or anything over a year. The heat is hard to beat but still better than the frozen tundra of the north. At what temp do you not go out to run? Also running is hard and bad for my feet and knees and back amd soul, but props to you.

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  2. Austin is featuring heavily for me at the moment. I’ve been listening to some Joe Rogan recently and he talks a lot about the Austin comedy scene, we’ve been watching 9-1-1 Lone Star which definitely reinforces the “Keep Austin Weird” motto and of course your fine self 👍

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