10 Months of Daily Bicycling. Every. Single. Day.

When I began this particular experiment in #DontBreaktheChain, I didn’t even know it. It just sort of happened and at some point I consciously decided to go for it. So now, ten months later, I’m glad I did, But oy vey! Am I tired. Because it also includes walking, yoga, writing/editing the book or this blog, plus the rest of my life. There’s something very gratifying about it, while also I’m very aware that’s its all a bit too much. It could end at any moment, but for today, August 11, 2020, I’ve got 306 days in the bag or in my legs. Two more months, if I can make it that long, will be a year. Not bad.

Monthly walking and cycling combined. Garmin.

This milestone, though, so to speak, will not appear in the annals of sport. Still, it’s a pretty cool accomplishment to add to my own private trophy case. Because there isn’t such a trophy, maybe I’ll have one made. After a year, if I can last two more months. Why not? Statistics can be boring if they aren’t yours and you’re not into them, which is fine. I wasn’t either until a few years ago. Point is, having what we used to call a streak, is a sign of dedication, hard work, and commitment. (On that last note, I don’t mean into a mental hospital. Just to be clear.)

What does it mean to have done this? Well, some days were shorter than others. One was very short due to repeated flat tires. Most others were longer. I can’t give you an exact total mileage at the moment, since Strava the fitness app counts my daily walk of 1.5 miles, too. But I’ve traversed almost 4,000 miles this year, and last December was above 700. So it’s a ways. If I had to estimate, it would be about 17 miles per day. That may not seem like a lot, especially if your only reference is a car. But it adds up. Conditions from cold, wind, rain, heat, to traffic, not feeling great, injries, etc. all add up. I consider it a victory of sorts. Yay, me!

What have I vanquished? Sloth, perhaps. Being overweight, no. But creating a daily habit, I’ve been pretty astute or at least lucky. It’s not all noble, though. Biking long miles and then taking a day off doesn’t really work if you’re needing to go somewhere, or don’t have a car. So it’s really more about whether I could do it. A sort of personal self-research in the form of a challenge.

Activities for one week. Green = walk, orange = cycling. Copyright Strava

In the end, I do what I can, and I’m sure you’re out there doing your thing. Whether it’s sports or not, we can try to be the best versions of ourselves. We might just surprise the naysayers, the haters, the ignorant, or the just plain mean. And more than that, we continue to Strive. For better health and streets and communities through the wonderful world of bicycling, or insert your adjectives here.

Best wishes with your activities. Be safe – there’s a little bug going around, or so I hear. But seriously, thank you for your encouragement here on this blog or elsewhere.

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