This Blog Post Is Tardy. Because, Fatigue.

I began writing this blog last night. But I just finished working a job that was thoroughly exhausting physically, mentally taxing, and emotionally stressful. I worked 400 hours in 11 weeks, driving over 2,700 miles in the process, enduring the hottest September on record, and numerous other challenges I won’t even get into. So yeah, I’m pretty bushed, and being late on a blog post is ok. Hopefully you’re not too tired to keep reading.

The good news is the job is over. For now. They may call me back, but I’m not holding my breath, and I refuse to do it by car again. I won’t have to keep paying to use a car or to fill it up with gas pretty much every day. No more risking life and limb on Texas highways and lesser roads. I can and must go back to staying in my neck of the woods (city of Austin) and getting around by my own power walking and biking, or that of a hired conveyance like a city bus. And maybe I can get on a regular schedule and catch up on my sleep. Fatigue is insidious that can lead to mistakes and inefficiency. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle until you break it somehow, usually by doing a lot less and sleeping more.

The bad news is the job is over. It was also a short-term contract, so technically I was laid off. Again. No more paychecks. Which is a big problem given the big cost of rent in Austin. So I need to find another source of income quickly and not rest on my laurels. Money doesn’t last long in this or any town. I’ve got medical bills to pay, and my costs of future doctor visits are going up (thanks to the job). There’s next month’s rent, rental insurance, and long-term care insurance. I need to pay off some debts to folks who’ve helped me out with loans and helping me move (and I’ve had a lot of them as of late). Don’t forget the tax man or woman. So all that profit I racked up is mostly already spent.

In better news, the heat finally broke here in Central Texas, and it’s a pleasant 67 degrees as I write. The high yesterday was in the 80’s, and although there are still some hot days ahead, the trend is toward a more normal and balmy autumnal range. This bodes well for anyone who’s been avoiding biking or other activity, because you can’t really keep using heat as an excuse when it’s cool. I suppose I’m part of that group but moreso I didn’t ride much in the last 11 weeks due to the time deficit and tiredness.

This Friday is my birthday and I intend to continue a tradition I’ve had the last I think four years, in which I ride my age in miles and go around getting free stuff. Sounds like I might have a few friends join me either on the ride or at pit stops. Hopefully I can remember how to bike long distances and my aging body (who’s isn’t?) will cooperate. I’ll aim to write a summary of that day for Saturday morning.

Til then, I’m going to walk to the movies, walk back, do yoga, edit my book, and get to bed. A Dude’s work is never done. Even when a job ends, there’s still the unpaid work of life to do.

Does your job cause you fatigue? What do you do about it?

5 thoughts on “This Blog Post Is Tardy. Because, Fatigue.

    1. A man — excuse me, a dude — has gotta have a few secrets, right? It’s not really relevant to the themes if my blog, and actually pretty darn boring. Except that it’s taken me away from writing it and editing my book. Anyway, it’s over, and I’ll be doing something else (probably equally or even more snooze-inducing) to keep head my above water. Ideally writing for pay, though I haven’t a clue how to go about doing that. But if it helps you sleep at night let’s just say I was selling widgets. Or if you prefer, doohickies, and if that’s no good, whatcmacallits. Yawn.


      1. It’s tricky to explain, but I’m glad to know I’ve helped put you to sleep. One of my many talents. Bad puns that make other people look funnier and also being a slower ride than many which makes others look good. All services A Dude provides humanity. PS I can hear you snoring from Wisconsin! (See what I mean? Not very funny.)


    2. Also I’m not sure I actually like writing about the minutiae — I should probably just journal about most if it — but we humans do need to tell our stories. Thanks for the interesting observation, HFCC!


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