New Bicycle Helmet Poem

A while ago wrote a logical and practical post called Helmet Schelmet: Should You Wear a Brain Bucket on a Bicycle? This one has its educational value, but with a bit of whimsy. Why would I do this? I don’t know, haters gonna hate. Shake it off. But the better question is, why the hell not? No reason whatsoever. So here goes. Enjoy. You’re welcome.

I had a bike helmet
All tattered and ratty
But I got a new one
That’s spiffy and natty

The old one was faded yellow
Battered and uncouth
Grey and white is the new fellow
Shiny, clean, oh so smooth

A tisket, a tasket
With some tech called Mips
A fancy brain basket
So my noggin won’t bounce, it slips

There’s a cool bright light
On the back of my head
I’d much rather be red
Then a vegetable who’s brain dead

White helmet came from Yellow Bike
Another thing that’s quite nice
That guy is a dude I really like
Because he sold it to me for half price

I don’t mean to belabor the point
Nor to make reading this into a chore
But if you’ll stick around this joint
There’s a cool thing, still a bit more

This beautiful product, oh, what a creature!
You see dear ladies, and also you chaps
This incredible thing has a safety feature —
Reflective coating on the chin straps!

We’re almost there, close to done
Should I end this way? Oh, what the hell!
With the brand name, I’ll make a pun:
I hope a car never rings my Bell!

I dedicate this to a dead German chancellor
He comes from the past, from times of ol’
Did he bike, run, or dance a floor?
I haven’t a clue, but it’s Herr Helmut Kohl.

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9 thoughts on “New Bicycle Helmet Poem

  1. LOL well I think you need more sleep my friend! 😉 Still well done hope the weather has held a bit for you, it’s PIA season here in So. CO. one day it’s gray and cold, then it’s sunny and warmish and it just changes constantly will the pacific and artic fronts coming over the mountains! Enjoy the new brain bucket, and keep riding, have a excellent thanksgiving holiday! 🙂

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    1. I used to not wear them because it wasn’t cool looking, or my head for too hot, etc. But then decided I had a brain and it was time to start using and protecting it.

      A few years ago I hit a big gap between a sidewalk and a bridge at night. I went down hard on my right shoulder and hip. Scraped up pretty badly but nothing broken and made it a few miles home.

      Later, I looked at my helmet and saw a big scratch on it. If I hadn’t been wearing the helmet I might not have got up.

      Now you won’t find me without one. Now I don’t get why anyone would not use a helmet.

      Did you like the poem?

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