Austin Bike News Roundup for May 23, 2020

Despite dire and difficult times, bicycling is still happening. In so.emeays, things are looking up. My last roundup was April 16, 2020. While I don’t claim to know or represent the entire bike scene(s), of course there are still some things to repirt. Here are a few updates on what’s going on in the bike world of Austin, Texas as Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial launch of summer begins.

Ghisallo Bike Film Fest

I mentioned the group behind this event in my post 12 Austin Bicycle-Related Groups You Should Know. They are a bike education group, and have compiled short films about bikes and bicyclists into episodes. Three have already aired, and are free to watch. Go to this link to see them:

You can watch the last two episodes LIVE at 6 pm on Sunday the 24th and 31st. If you answer a trivia question, you might win pizza and beer! To be able to see those, you’ll need to register here at Eventbrite.

Source: Ghisallo Cycling Initiative

City of Austin Begins Healthy Streets

Following other more progressive cities, Austin has finally come out with this program to decrease traffic and allow for pedestrians and cyclists to access roads. Starting with just three batches, mostly near the Town Lake trail, the program could lead to more temporary closures. And they in turn could become permanent. For more information, take a survey, suggest other streets, become a block captain and more, see this City of Austin link.

Source: Bike Austin

Bike Shop Update

Yellow Bike Project has closed indefinitely, I’m sad to report. In addition to not being able to hold open shop hours, sources say there was an exodus of volunteer and staff coordinators. Hopefully they’ll be back and re-open soon.

Bicycle Sport Shop – Guadalupe Street location is also temporarily closed. Three others remain open, two north and the main shop on South COngress.

The Peddler and Sun & Ski Sports report brisk sales and 10 day wait times on repairs. People are flocking to bikes these days, which is good news. When I was in the latter the other day, the racks were decimated.

See my previous post on this here.

May Is Still Bike Month

Bike Austin is collecting stories, images and more about how people are biking these days. Through social media people can share their rides, poems, thoughts and so on using the hashtags #bikemonthatx and #ibikeapart , Since I’m not on Twitter, I’m not a Twit (yet), and I don’t want to give a buck to Zuck by being on Facey Spacey (so far), but if you’re into that, knock yourself out.

We want to hear from you! Please tag us on social media @bikeaustin and use our hashtags: #BikeMonthATX and #IBikeTo____. Fill in the blank with your bicycling experience, be it why you’re riding, where you’re riding to or what emotions it brings up for you. Some examples may be #IBikeToTacos #IBikeToInspire #IBikeToStayInShape

Source: Bike Austin
Source: Bike Austin

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2 thoughts on “Austin Bike News Roundup for May 23, 2020

  1. They did the same thing with some streets here. After encouraging folks to get out and exercise, they decided the paths were too crowded and urged people to ride on the street. They closed one street and a lane of another to encourage bike access.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a start but yi doubt it will last. Then again, with millions unemployed and many working from home, maybe less traffic will be the case for a while. I’m surprised they didn’t close all the trails but I usually avoid them. People forcefully exhaling right near our faces without masks leaving a hanging cloud of particles seems very risky.


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