Which Austin, Texas Bike Shops Are Open During the COVID-19 Shelter in Place?

During my ongoing spins around town, at least my neck of the woods, I’ve passed by a few local bike shops (LBS). Given the government shut-down of all non-essential business, it seemed most of the LBS’s were forced to close. Many operate on thin margins, so it’s not good news. But I began thinking: If auto dealers, car repair and auto parts shops are open, isn’t it discriminatory against the car-less and poor to close down the LBS’s?

However, bicycling is an exempt activity from the health department order to stay home. And if you ride a bike, you know you will eventually need new tubes or a professional repair. A reputable source told me that LBS’s are now being considered as important enough to be allowed to stay open, thanks to some advocacy. So I was curious who was open. This is not an exhaustive or authoritative list, and it’s subject to frequent changes. Your mileage may vary — quite literally. Check their websites, social media or call first before biking there.

Sun & Ski Sports

Sun & Ski Sports (which has an excellent bike shop — although you wouldn’t know it from the name) closed for the last few days and their website says “Temporarily Closed”, my little birdie told me they’d be open for bike sales and service only (no ski stuff) Thursday and Friday. After that, they’ll have to see how it goes, but hopefully they will continue to be open. https://www.sunandski.com/austin

The Peddler

The last time I cruised by the Hyde Park (Austin) location, The Peddler was open, but by appointment only. The Facebook page below explains what’s going on at their Brushy Creek (Cedar Park) location, too. http://www.peddlerbike.com/

Source: The Peddler

Bicycle Sport Shop

Their logo won’t copy so no image here. I was told that all five stores were closing, including the Guadalupe store I frequent. But their web site (https://bicyclesportshop.com) has this update:

In observance of the Shelter in Place Ordinance by the City of Austin, we have reduced services and continue to adhere to CDC guidelines to ensure staff and customer safety. The Lamar, Parmer, and Research locations will be open Wednesday through Sunday from 11 AM to 5 PM for curbside service only. The Guadalupe location will offer repair pickups of current in-service bikes by appointment only. The Bee Cave location will be closed during this time.

Source: Bicycle Sport Shop

Bike Farm

Source: Austin Bike Farm

The little shop that mostly sold refurbished bikes blossomed into selling a lot of new bikes. Then they recently relocated to Burnet Road, with a smaller footprint. They aren’t answering their phones but a note on their website and also a little video on their Facebook says they’re open Tuesday through Saturday 12 PM – 5 PM “as long as they can.” But you can’t come inside and shouldn’t bring extra people with you. Doy! https://AustinBikeFarm.com

East Side Pedal Pushers

Source: East Side Pedal Pushers

This is a cozy little shop in East Austin. A cat was laying in the yard in front of a small RV. I only just met the owner Lee. It’s tucked behind a bakery or something and are around the corner from a tea shop. Plus it’s the closest one to my favorite trail, which I wrote about here: Southern Walnut Creek Trail: East Austin’s Green Wonderland for Cyclists. So I definitely need to become better acquainted with this shop.They’re open regular hours, but had this to say on their Facebook site, https://www.facebook.com/EastSidePedalPushers/:

Hello friends! We are still open this week, regular 10-7 hours! We have limited staff and are as meticulous/sanitized as possible with interactions with you and your bike, so please be aware that normal check-in procedures and repairs will take a bit longer than normal. Please call 512-826-3414 for questions! Also, text 512-537-9617

Source: East Side Pedal Pushers

There are certainly others, but these cover nine open shops that I wanted to let you know about. If you have a need of bike parts, repair, or a new bike ride during the lock-down, go support these folks! Tell ’em A Dude Abikes sent ya’ if you go! While you’re at it, check out my recent blog post titled On Resilience: Bicycling Through the Pandemapocalypse,

I’ll see you out there … at a safe six-foot distance — or more if you’re stinky!

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10 thoughts on “Which Austin, Texas Bike Shops Are Open During the COVID-19 Shelter in Place?

  1. Nice! As i said in my last post, the most idiotic thing our governor here did was order LBS to close. No public transport..glad i have the tools, spare parts, tires, tubes, and a stand…but what of those who don’t and are deemed essential workers?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I cant seem to find a place to repair a serious flat tire. I took the tire off and found the leak in the tube, but goat head thorn won over tire repair patch. I just want to Pay for a new tube, or gel filled something. Hell, I might even buy a 3rd Bike. Why are cyclists having to endure this? I’ll buy The Goddamned Trek if I have to, just support me, and my purchase. Is this still The United States?


  2. “More if your stinky…” Nailed it. I’ve never liked cycling near people — even in group rides. I can even make my helmet and the plastic in my glasses stick. The state of Arizona once told me so.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great update, Adude! Bike shops are also considered essential in Wisconsin. Outdoor exercise is also allowed here. One of our local clubs, which usually starts rides in April 1, still has its 2019 ride schedule online. Group rides may be anarchic.

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