Love to Ride Austin Biking Challenge

It’s Monday’s deadline, and I still have not come up with a topic for this post. It’s rather embarrassing. Sure, I could write about the biking I did over the weekend. But it was nothing spectacular and if I have grown weary of doing that (riding and writing), I suppose readers of this blog may have, too. There’s the book I finished reading and two more movies I saw, but some say only write about your specific blog niche. I could talk about blogging itself, my book in progress, bikes in the news, my struggling job search, health updates, (another) horrific school shooting, or politics. But finally it came to me, Love to Ride! Read on to learn more.

Bike Your Butt Off

The point of the challenge is to get more people off their couches and on their bikes more often. To quote their site:

“We get more people cycling using our online platform, local promotion and good ol’ human interaction.”

There are four basic and easy steps:

Love to Ride 4 steps

After registering, it’s easy: you just ride! If it’s 10 minutes or more, that gets log. The more you ride, the more points you get. Workplaces and individuals can earn points, and a few lucky people will win the prizes. I hadn’t looked into now, but some of them are incredible, from an Apple Watch to a year of service at Cycleast. I’ve selected a trip to New Zealand. How cool would it be if A Dude won that? Very! I could visit fellow blogger Mairi in person.

You can also make comments on other people’s rides. Scrolling through, I found a few familiar names and gave them some encouragement. There are pages for tips for new riders, suggestions on where to ride, and other resources to help with biking like a map of bike shops. Encouraging people to ride also gets you points toward prizes. The use of incentives is definitely appealing to me. Although I probably will not spend much time on the website, that could entice others more into uaing the social media aspect of it.

A mural painted on a billboard with the Texas capitol I saw on my daily walk in between bike rides today.

Delving into the parent website, one finds alot of information about the platform, apps and their approach to behavior change. Love to Ride is a multinational effort, with staff in the UK, US and New Zealand. While volunteering at Bike Austin’s Bike From Work After Party which I wrote about Friday, I met Laura who is involved with Love to Ride. I hope to catch up with her soon and learn more, especially.when it ends. For more background, check out their site.

A Dude Abikes’ Progress

According to my Love to Ride profile, as of today I’m up to 320 miles for the month of May. That’s averaging 14.54 miles per day, which is exactly what I need to be doing to make 100 miles/week. My Strava profile says I’m at 345 miles, so there’s something a little off there. It could be manual corrections when I forget to turn on my Garmin watch, but I’m not sure. The cool thing is that participants with activity tracking don’t have to log anything — in my case, I just link it to Strava, and it uploads automatically. I’m not winning the overall mileage, but I’m holding my own. Here are my stats in a colorful and fun graphic:

Love to Ride.png

It’s not too late to join, since there are 10 days left. If you’re in Austin, or there’s a challenge in your town, and you love to ride, sign up with Love to Ride and join the fun! Thanks for reading. See you Wednesday!


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9 thoughts on “Love to Ride Austin Biking Challenge

      1. May be that is the problem,too hot to cycle?🤷🏻‍♀️well whatever it is it’s not the slogan: that is awesome 😀have a good day my friend hopefully with some breeze

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Grazie molto! I overheat easily, maybe because I’m already so hot. LOL. Yes you create your own breeze but when it’s hit and dry it humid ai, sometimes doesn’t matter. All part of the experience, challenge and accomplishment. I wish I were watching the Giro d’Italia.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Lol,I hate heat I must say so I’m totally sympathetic with you ,unfortunately not as hot 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
        Giro d italia yes is on all afternoon in some Italian channel,my granddad keeps me updated.

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