Bike Austin Group Ride + 80’s Movie Quicksilver = Cheese & (Kevin) Bacon

After 1984’s Footloose, which your blogger certainly saw at the time but doesn’t recall his reaction to, Kevin Bacon was very popular. He chose to follow up a decent movie with one about a broker who loses his shirt in the stock market and becomes, quite logically, a bike messenger! There’s drama, action, love interests, an 80’s cheestastic soundtrack, and lots of bikes. The Alamo Drafthouse, which is known for showing all kinds of wacky movies, hosted, and Bike Austin Education Fund was the beneficiary. A Dude loves cheese a bit too much and also bacon, though I have mostly low-sodium turkey variety in my fruitless quest for health. (Well, I eat a lot of fruit, actually.) So bikes, cheese and a big helpin’ o’ Bacon (Kevin, that is)? Sign me up!

If you’ve never been to an Alamo Drafthouse, one of the things they do is serve food and drink. It’s good but pricey — I paid $13 including tax and tip for their Loaded Potatoes. But since my movie was free with MoviePass, I splurged because we were going on a bike ride afterward, and I needed to carb up. Not really, it was an easy ride. I just like potatoes. Maybe it’s because of Russian and Irish background. With that logic, I should also be a big vodka drinker. But I’m not.

While the crowd had a number of people just there for the movie, sadly only a handful of cyclists came out. One was awesome rider I met training for the MS 150 named Aaron. He rides a long way to work daily because he and his wife choose to only have one car. He rode to the movie but she was going to give him a ride home. I think he did have vodka, I’m not sure how many. Too many to bike home, that’s for sure.

Afterwards, half a dozen of us gathered to ride around the Mueller development. Led by Preston, who is a trainer for League Cycling Instructor certification, something I’m interested in doing. Katie, the new director of Bike Austin, mentioned that she’s working on having a women’s class and one for men as well. So that is promising.

Post-QUICKSILVER bike ride.png

We looped around the neighborhood, and passed by where I actually used to rent a room in a row house. It was a pleasant night, and nobody died. I rode home to write in my book and reflect on His Baconess. I know a guy who works in movies so allegedly there’s only two degrees of separation between the two of us.
Mr. Bacon is a talented actor who’s been in alot of movies far better than Quicksilver, is married to the talented Kira Sedgwick, and probably pretty rich. But in at least in one way, I’m way better than the 1984 version of KB: while biking, I almost always wear a helmet.


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