Lessons from My First Ride on the Mag Ascent Home Trainer


I finally fixed my flat and put the old Fuji Silhouette on the heavy Mag Ascent home trainer. Below is a shot of my GPS data on Strava. I went for 15.2 miles per hour for half an hour, which isn’t great but it is a ilttle faster than usual. I had it set on the lowest of three resistance levels, and usee the gears to get a slightly harder workout. The trainer is heavy steel so is not going anywhere. All you need is to fit the rear wheel correctly into slots, which is very intuitive at least with my bike, then prop up the front wheel; I used books. Overall it was sturdy, easy to get started on, and it doesn’t take up alot of room.

First Ride on Mag Ascent Trainer
Today’s trainer ride on Strava shows distance, top and average speed, cadence and heart rate.

The Upsides

  1. Perfect for putting in the miles when the weather is cold, wet and windy like it was today.
  2. Of course, it’s easy to multi-task, like read, listen to music or watch TV. This is one of the main advantages indoor biking has over outdoors, since you don’t need your hands to balance.
  3. Climate control is great. You can wear cycling shorts and jersey if you want when it’s freezing outside.
  4. Stop at any time. If you need to pee, get more water, or answer the phone, it’s no big deal.
  5. No cars, wind, glass, dogs, or other hazards!

The Downsides

  1. This trainer model is a bit noisy from the wheel friction, and it also vibrates. It’s not manufactured anymore, but it still works fine. You have to get used to the sound, and in a way it’s relaxing and reminds you that you’re working hard.
  2. Well, yes, it’s kinda boring. Even if you have things to distract you, the fact is you’re riding a bike but going nowhere fast. With new technology like the interactive bike game Zwift, you can ride along with other people and actually compete against them. It’s $15/month.
  3. If you play Zwift or some other game, you’re still basically riding alone. I guess you could get on the phone, Facetime/Duo or Skype with someone if you wanted, but you’d be panting into the phone or computer
  4. It’s remotely possible you could be wearing out your tire or skewer (axle) faster.
  5. No hills – up or down! You can’t feel the breeze on your face unless you set up a fan.

The Summary

Overall, it’s a good and useful product. What it may lack in sophistication compared the new smart trainers like the Peloton have, which is basically a whole it makes up for it in old school solid manufacturing and reliability plus portability. Since it’s worth around $75-$100, it’s cheaper than what many others will charge you.

Today in Photographs

Flax, pumpkin, sunflower and chia seeds.
Ground up seeds for smoothies, salads etc.
Oats, molasses, ginger root, spices and seed mixture from above.
Butternut squash, butter, beans, quinoa, Greek yogurt, spinach chicken sausage. avocado and green salsa.
Fuji Silhouette on Ascent Mag trainer.
A fun free poster I got at a bike shop.


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THANK YOU! www.ADudeAbikes.com


© 2015-18 A Dude Abikes. All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “Lessons from My First Ride on the Mag Ascent Home Trainer

      1. I pretty much just ride outside using a load of full waterproofs.

        Workin my way into being better and will prob saddle up later in the week, weather is also supposed to be better than.

        24hr race will be fully outdoors.

        I just sent a reply with my main email address, the one I used for the blog I check rarely.

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