Sunday Summary: South By Southwest, Supplements & Sleep

South by Southwest, Sign Me Up!

Today I cycled on down to the Austin Convention Center to sign up for the first time as a South by Southwest (SXSW) volunteer. It was a pretty diverse and interesting group of folks, with lots of crews vying for our attention. I settled on a crew that would allow me to work just during the education portion so I could enjoy the whole rest of the conference. My perk for those 52 hours will allow me to get into the music festival for free (it’s $1,200 to register) and some venues like film, comedy and so on.

Normally A Dude eschews the entire fiasco because so many thousands of people flood our fair city. This year is different because I am not chained to a desk 40 hours a week. I can enjoy this landmark event that helps define Austin. We like to call ourself the Live Music Capital of the world, but we aren’t exactly the friendliest to musicians because of the low pay and high cost of living.

Since I’m without a job it makes sense to me to network and put myself out there in new ways and situations where I can learn stuff and have fun and meet new people. I’m not looking forward to the 12-hour work days, but even that will be interesting and possibly fun.  Then I get to hang out a catch all the free films, comedy and music shows.  Yay!

Strava walk and bike 012118
My walk and one of my rides for today on Strava.

Supplements Support Suboptimal Salud Situations

As mentioned yesterday, I haven’t been biking as much due to the slowing down from anemia. Now I’m having to deal with the side effects from too much iron, namely having some digestive problems. But I think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to figure out what to eat and how much iron to take as a supplement to build my levels back up slowly and naturally.

Today I started taking some other things that Matt from Natural Grocers suggested (see my post about that). I added in ginseng and CoQ10 ubiquinol (for the mitochondria, the cells’ powerhouses. I recently mentioned that is surely what midichlorians are about in Star Wars). I think both helped with energy on my bike rides to and from downtown. Along with Vitamin B complex and other things, I hope to turn the corner soon.

Sleep, The Final Frontier

My main challenge seems to be sleep. I need to get a handle on that because it’s really the most important thing in the world along with air, food and water. I have been staying up very late after getting wound up biking and going on a walk, then doing my Yoga with Adriene video and writing the blog, I’m pretty tired but not sleepy. So I eat something and watch some of my TV shows, and before I knew it it’s very late.

It’s not a problem right now for work, because I have nowhere to be thanks to unemployment. But insomnia isn’t good for my health, so I need to reconfigure my sleep schedule. Resetting my diurnal clock and circadian rhythm is not easy but I’m now using a sleep app and will try other things like melatonin, baths, Sleepytime tea and the Golf Channel (sorry dad and other golf lovers)

Speaking of sleep I’m going to try to power nap then continue on my day.  I hope you had a good one!  What do you do to handle insomnia?


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary: South By Southwest, Supplements & Sleep

  1. Clams are very high in iron (my girlfriend was anemic) so I make my own Italian “gravy” or “salsa semplice”, then a quick meal is a can of clams, heat the liquid and reduce with good olive oil, add the gravy until hot, add the clams and continue to reduce, finally add premade al dente pasta, wait until it gets hot, flip and add some parmesan cheese and flip to blend, then serve with more parmesan on the top. You can also add mushrooms or italian sausage, or olives if you like. You can make it with butter and more cheese rather than the gravy for a white sauce, but it’s super high in iron, tastes great and can be saved and reheated if you make too much. Great with a bottle of red or some white with the clams in white sauce.

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