How It’s Going So Far in 2018 with the Biking, Blogging, Walking and Eating

So Far, So Good, But a Long Way to Go

A Buddha statues at Aveda. But is that a chocolate glazed donut in front of him?

After a number of posts heavy with images, information and links, I think I’ll just write about how I’m doing with everything.  But first, a picture of a Buddha from Aveda Institute.  I got my second ever face treatment for only $21 for an hour.  Self-care is allowed whether you’re a cyclist like me or unable to do much if any physical exercise at all due to a chronic situation.  The massage and various products did make it feel better.  Whether it looks better is a matter of opinion.

Biking;  The reduced mileage has been necessary to have more time for the other projects, namely writing this blog. But also to deal with the unpredictable energy I’ve been experiencing. I miss the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction from completing a long ride. What I don’t miss are the 10 hours a week it takes including breaks to ride the 100 miles on average I was doing. Or the effort and fatigue that came with it. 50 miles is still pretty good and thus far this week I’m approaching 85.  It is winter still, too.

training log Jan 01-20
My training log for the month to date.  Walks are not clearly shown but are definitely in Strava.

Blogging:  20 posts in the bag in as many days is really good. I’m mostly happy with the variety and quality, although I’d like to get the length and time it takes down. So far this year I’ve had more views than all of 2016, when I was just starting and learning. I’m grateful for that. But I don’t think I can or want to keep up this pace, especially when other projects loom and life intrudes.  We’ll see how it goes, though.

Walking:  I’m doing it every day for half an hour, usually a mile and a quarter or a half.  I haven’t sped up much and some days have been cold, but I’m doing it.  I don’t want an award or anything, I should have been doing this since… forever.  But now I’m not walking around at a job, I have to get out and do it.  Someday I hope to maybe jog and then run again, but that’s not a good idea while I have too much weight, aka fathlete.

Paleo v. Plant. Both are too extreme. Who are these people telling us what to eat? Marketers, that’s who. Decide for yourself!

Eating:  I am eating more vegetables but still experimenting with what works.  I’m pretty omnivorous and trying to avoid any extremes.  I’ve been avoiding almost all processed carbs, though.  No bread, cookies, crackers, pasta, etc.  Only corn chips and corn tortillas twice each.  I’m also doing alot more cooking and avoiding restaurants, also taking fiber, apple cider vinegar,.  Still some protein bars and skipping meals or eating late.  But I’m maintaining my weight from before the juice fasting.  How to lose it safely is key.  Taking iron has interfered with my digestion, so I’ve had to reduce that.  Still eating iron-rich foods though.  But it’s hard to know how much to eat or take.  If I’m not careful, it leads back to some more fatigue and dizziness.  Hopefully it all balances out soon.


What’s Next for A Dude?  And You?

There’s always more to write about but it’ll have to wait for another day.  As Joey from Friends would say, “How are YOU doin’?”  To that I would add, “with your New Years resolutions?”


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