My First Week of 2018:  Exercising & Eating Better Is Hard Work, But Worth It

“Moderation in all things, especially moderation.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Not Every Body Can Be Like [Your Favorite Celebrity Vegan Name Here]

It’s no coincidence the acronym for this cool clinic spells N.A.P.

As predicted, out of necessity, I ended up modifying my diet to include more than just fruit, vegetables and nuts. While I lost 13 pounds in 7 days, I believe it was too much radical change, detoxification and finally deficiency that led me to add back in a tin of sardines in olive oil and a fish oil tablet.

I knew something was off when I went to Neighborhood Acupuncture Clinic today. I couldn’t fall asleep as usual, and pedaled home as if in a sea of jelly. This is dangerous, and I dropped and cracked my shades. Which makes a dude sad since they are very nice and were donated by a nice guy. Sigh.

That was a clue that made me realize that the fatigue I’ve been having was not natural. I did manage a short nap but that did little for my energy. Later I went for my walk but continued crashing; I needed to do some dietary first aid. That included: pre-planned lentils and brown rice; avocado oil; two more squares of dark chocolate which I had with my oatmeal; walnuts; and some vitamin D and other supplements I have been omitting. After digesting a while, I went back for the fish and supplement, and it seems to be doing the trick, since I’m feeling better already.

Fun story: On the way home I helped some kids get across a busy street by dismounting my bicycle to go through the crosswalk with them. I made them smile by saying my bike had magical powers and could stop traffic. Maybe I have superpowers too, but just don’t know it yet! I hear capes are coming back in style.

Dude! Just. Eat. More. Vegetables.

Steel-cut oats, apple, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, spices and dark chocolate. Yum!

Sure, I am a little disappointed that I was unable to continue trying out veganism again any longer, but avoiding feeling crappy will trump all doctrinaire dogma from the food police every time. It’s survival of the fittest. While I may be overweight, I am very fit for someone my age with my health challenges since I was able to ride my bike 10,020 miles in 2 years.

I do want to keep trying to lose weight, but a plant-based diet does not appear to be possible for my body to sustain. Sorry vegans! If I ever try it again, it will be more gradual and balanced and taking supplements first as well as under the supervision of a doctor.

Behold! A kale, avocado, hemp protein, orange smoothie.

According to a 2014 study, 84% of people attempting to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet quit. So I’m normal. And this is not my first rodeo: I was a vegan once for a year and vegetarian twice for several more. My goal all along has been to simply eat more vegetables and whole grains to displace some of the unhealthy carbs, and I’m doing that very well.

We’ll see about dairy, poultry and meat, but I probably will eat them again too, just maybe in less quantity and better quality when affordable. I also consumed/did a lot of other things like: apple cider vinegar, raw sauerkraut, psyllium fiber, dry skin brushing, and no TV, which is a surprise. A Dude loves his stories. I was also existing in another plane of reality a lot of the time mentally and spiritually, but that’s another story. I did too much, though. “Fortunately” I’m unemployed, or else it would have been much harder.

“The French paradox is that they have better heart health than we do despite being a cheese-eating, wine-swilling, fois-gras-gobbling people. The American paradox is we are a people who worry unreasonably about dietary health yet have the worst diet in the world.”

— Michael Pollan

Exercising Demons: Food Is Fuel & My Tank Was Empty

My cycling frankly suffered due to low energy from the vegan diet. I only managed 50 miles, but that’s also my goal. I did complete a 30-minute walk every day. Now I’m having some old foot pain return so that’s in question. Naturally I continued my 30 minutes of daily yoga, but I’m using videos instead of my own practice. That’s helping me shake things up like a Polaroid picture. Hey-o, Yoga With Adriene! The body still aches in various places, particularly the back sometimes. Then sometimes it goes away. As a doctor who specializes in sports medicine doctor told me, “Pain is like an unwanted friend visiting you, you just have to get used to it. But not moving doesn’t help. Keep moving.”

I’d like to add weight resistance, swimming, hiking and even running if I can at some point — if my imperfect body allows. Tomorrow I hope to get sensors installed on my Fuji so I can use my home trainer and maybe save some time. Overall I think I’m on a good path, mostly feel better and lighter, and I am OK with the ups and downs. On a bike they’re called hills. In life they’re called challenges. Both can be meaningful and fun even. As Tom Hanks said:

A League of Their Own quote image

I Have My Own Website Now!

This isn’t the big news I’ve been alluding to, but it’s pretty exciting stuff! For now, it’s just mirroring the blog, but I hope to have more features soon. Even more awesome is the fact that visitors and views have really picked up even before that. I hope you’ll continue reading A Dude Abikes, and like, comment, follow, and share. Thank you!

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