4,714 Miles Bicycled in 2017 = 10,000 in 2 Years! A Recap of My “Epic Velocimania” (Day 1)

Whole Lotta Bikin’ Goin’ On

2017 Strava stats4,714 miles in 2017 and 5,306 in 2016 total 10,020 miles — that’s what A Dude Abikes bicycled in two years.  The numbers don’t lie (if you believe my Garmin vivoactive hr, Strava and GeoPositioning Satellites, that is).  But I don’t need technology to tell you that I definitely biked 40% around the equator (all the way is 24,901 miles).  Any way you look at it, it’a alot of damn miles.  Not easy with my various challenges.  But I did it.

So what, you might ask?  Lots of people ride farther and faster.  True, but I ain’t them, and they can get their own damn blog.  I often wonder why, too.  In one sense, it’s just what I do.  Also, I’m approaching 13 years of being car-free.  (Not care-free — I wish!)  So if I want to go anywhere, biking is usually the most efficient way.  Cars are expensive and pollute.  Lastly, the only race I’m in is the human one.

More Data, Stat!

Another way to look at this is that I rode one mile… four thousand seven hundred and fourteen times.  Other interesting facts:

  • Elevation = 129,045 feet (25.39 miles)
  • Centuries (100-miles/day) = 2 (back to back April 29-30 in MS150 Houston to Austin)
  • Century weeks = 25 (missed half the year by 1)
  • Weeks under 50 miles = 7
  • Rest weeks (0 miles) = 2
  • Crashes = 2 (1 sidewalk, 1 other rider, 0 cars)
  • Times a driver nearly killed me = way too many to count
  • Times a driver yelled “I’m gonna knock yo’ bitch ass offa that bike!” = 1 (he didn’t)
  • Times I won Bike Austin Ambassador of Advocacy for 2017 award = 1
  • Dollar$ raised for charity = $2,067 (multiple sclerosis) + $1,518 (breast cancer) = $3,585

For a fun way to look at my stats, check out this short Strava video

A Dude Abike's Year in Sport 2017

So What You Gonna Do in 2018, Dude?

Now that I’ve met my goal (again), I’ll probably ride fewer miles and hours.  Being unemployed, while it’s awesome for not having to go to a J-O-B, it’s not so good for bringing in money for food, clothing, shelter and bike gear.  What my numbers will be in a year is anyone’s guess.  But they’re not as important now.  Ryan Brenner, a young whipper-snapper whom I met when getting a pro bike fitting at Bicycle Sport Shop, asked, “Why not bike 10,000 miles in 2018?”  (He just did almost that in 2017 alone.)  Well, no.  Also, hell no!  I’ll continue to bike, but life demands I pay attention to other priorities.

Here are a few ideas I’ve had:

  • Inspire more people to bike or do other things they have been told are impossible
  • Start interviewing people I’ve met on my bicycling journey
  • Write this blog more regularly and succinctly (note the 500 words)
  • Re-start writing A Dude Abikes:  The Book
  • Get in better overall shape by walking, swimming, resistance training, etc.
  • Eat better (I started a 3-day juice cleanse today)
  • Continue my 5th year of daily 30 minutes of yoga
  • Get cadence and speed sensors so I can bike on my home trainer

I have no idea how this new follower in India found me, but I will humbly give him the last word:

It is your greatness, bro

Link to A Dude’s Strava activity feed

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