Poem: Word to Your Mother (Earth)

After my recent post Autumn Is Here But It’s Still Hot: Thanks Climate Change! and being out in the countryside a lot lately, and also hearing a poet read at One Page Salon, I thought I’d try something a little different. Here’s a poem for our planet.

I saw you clearly today
like always, but this was different somehow.
I gazed upon Texan pastures, raised an eye-
brow.  Boy-howdy and wow!
you outdid yourself - but why?
I'm at a loss for the words to say.

You are our every thing:
ground, seas, air, and leaves of grass.
Metal, stone and wood, so strong, so good!
Cat, dog, chicken, goat, dog, cat, horse and ass;
describe your trees and hills? As if I could. 
I'm enthralled with the song you sing.

A sun-dappled forest, a trickling brook -
it's incredible to think about how it all does work.
Birds, bees, fleas, cotton (slavery's not been forgotten).
Dewdrops on leaves glisten, do you hear that? Listen!
While miners, farmers, fishermen and more go berserk
Every day, for a glimpse of your truth, I look.

But we treat you with such neglect
poisoning, burning, dumping and drilling
I have no choice but to give voice,
to sing your praises; to concede defeat, I'm unwilling.
Who can be in ensconced in your beauty and not rejoice?
Yet much of you we've relentlessly, recklessly wrecked.

I've traversed five countries, 49 of your United States.
By bicycle I've gone over twenty thousand miles; 
as if there were any order or sense to a human-made border!
I feel horror about our devastation, but your splendor still gives me smiles.
Of crystalline lakes, alpine hills, and deep jungle memories, I'm a hoarder.
Above all, about saving you:  there can be no more debates.
Source: Pixabay

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