Autumn Is Here-ish, but It’s Still Hot. Thanks Alot, Climate Change!

I just heard that September in Central Texas was HOTTER than July. That’s nuts. You know what else is nuts? A Dude Abikes not riding his bike most every day, and in fact, hardly at all. But because I’m working my tuchus off so I don’t have the time or energy to bike, the silver lining is that I’m avoiding having to bike in the ongoing heat wave. However, the downside of not biking is weight gain, feeling blah, and as if I’m cheating — which I am. Because, work.

Meanwhile, Greta Thunberg, the 16-year old Swede who has become the face of the climate change movement was in the US for a speech and the climate strike. I haven’t read much but what I have is impressive. And by the way, I know one thing that can help: ride your damn bikes, everybody! Of course you could say it’s hypocritical of me driving a car for work for eight weeks, and you’d be right. But I’ve done plenty of miles (20,000 and counting) and will do plenty more soon enough.

Can Biking Really Help Reduce Carbon?

Well, one would think so. A 2018 article in Bicycling titled “Want to Fight Climate Change? Swap Out Your Car for a Bike” looks into it. It says:

2015 study by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy concluded that a dramatic increase (about 20 percent) in cycling worldwide could “cut carbon dioxide emissions from urban passenger transport by nearly 11 percent in 2050.”

Bicycling magazine, 10/11/2018
Greta Thuberg, teen climate activist, sailing the Atlantic in a solar boat

But back to weather for a moment. Is hotter weather really indicative climate change? Well, there are weather patterns that make it hotter in the summer. But over a longer period, weather becomes climate. And if recent storms are any indication, there really have been more storms and they are more damaging.

Hurricanes Dorian, Florence, Harvey and Michael were all Category 5’s, and they show a trend. Rising sea levels from climate change cause the storms to be stronger and also last longer, with greater surges and flooding, not to mention faster wind speeds from warmer ocean temperatures. This is according to a three-part series in the Austin American-Statesman.

After 14 years not a slave to car by not owning them, but also still driving them on occasion, I certainly don’t feel superior. But I have tried to do my part, while also part of the reason is being a fathlete and wanting to reduce pounds, but being non-profit worker and then being laid off from that job, I have not been able to buy a car. I don’t want one, I can’t afford one, but I am able to do things I can’t do easily or quickly with a bike ride. So I see the benefits but also the costs. For me biking is environmental, exercise, transportation and recreation.

Each person needs to ask themselves what are willing to do about the planetary crisis. What would the next seven generations want us to do? The vast majority of climate change comes from corporations, and they also need to play a part. I looked to see if Greta rides a bike or mentions bikes and couldn’t find anything, but I didn’t look that hard either. The point is we can all do something. Can you bike to work one day a week? Do some errands by bike instead of car? How about bus one way and bike home?

As former US President Barack Obama said, Si se puede. Yes we can.It’s Worth a shot. What If everyone did?

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5 thoughts on “Autumn Is Here-ish, but It’s Still Hot. Thanks Alot, Climate Change!

  1. The fact that it’s still debated says it all.
    We have boatloads of hard data that tells us the what’s what. Its not some hocus pocus Vegas act. But this is about protecting corporations and anyone else who’s interests are not aligned with changing things for the better. Shameful.
    A non-Spanish post, eh?

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