Tuesday Tidbits and SXSW, the Gift That Keeps On Giving

Today was another day of walking, yoga, and writing, as well as biking to an appointment and a movie.  Since every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for now) are book writing days, I’m normally just posting a few photos.  But I cain’t quit you, WordPress!  So here are a few tidbits.

First there was a great follow-up coaching call from a workshop I attended at South by Southwest on creative careers. Bart Cleveland with Job Propulsion Laboratory gave me some interesting perspectives on how to build on the momentum of writing this blog and book while also finding work to pay the bills.  You can see his site and hire him as a coach at www.JobPropulsionLab.com.  He recommended a podcast by Tim Clare called “Death of 1,000 Cuts.”  One in particular is “7 Pillars of Line Editing Your Novel Like a Motherfucking Laser Surgeon”.  A book he likes is On Writing Well:  The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction.

Today also brought some emails with a former pro cyclist, chef, writer and more, Lentine Alexis. We met briefly at SXSW after the We Got to Hang Out podcast with pro cyclist Ted King. Together they gave a session on food cycling which I missed, but fortunately it’s on her website:   Pedaler’s Palate:  Food Cycling + How They Collide. Her site has great recipes, articles, and more:  www.LentineAlexis.com.

I also heard from the SXSW Session crew I served on and a fellow volunteer who wants to meet, which is nice.  The book writing continues, though slowly.  I’m taking it one month and one big bike ride at a time.  Eventually I may get there.  Until tomorrow!

I saw this metal pig reading a book on a heart-shaped swing on my walk.
I saw the entertaining movie Game Night using my Movie Pass.













This lizard was hanging out and changes it’s colors to blend in.




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10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits and SXSW, the Gift That Keeps On Giving

  1. Yes, that deadly chin up bar. I think I need to create a short story with the chin up bar being the protagonist. Or should I say, antagonist. I’m thinking first person. 🙂

    My editor turned out to be a good friend of mine. She was/is just starting out. It was hard work but it was worth it. Both of us learned a lot and I became a better writer at the end.

    I want to avoid self publishing for now. I want to go the agent or publisher rout. Even if it’s a small agency I would be fine with that. On the other hand, a year from now I may have changed my mind along the way. Who knows?

    Speaking of editing, if you ever need a second pair of eyes let me know. Happy to help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bryan, well I’m too poor to have a car and am unemployed, so it doesn’t feel that cool! But I’ve been using this year to try to improve my health through daily walking, yoga, (sometimes) better eating and of course biking. Keeping track in the blog makes sense, and so does trying to write my book. And out of all of this have come some cool experiences like riding long distances and meeting some interesting folks. Pretty soon I’ll have to go back to work and that may limit the cool stuff but not totally, I hope. What are you up to? Bike? Where do you live?


      1. Attitude is everything and you’ve got it. I’ve been there and the best way to handle it is with a smile and determination. No bike for me. At least the kind you ride. Couple of bad legs. But I do have a rowing machine and a stationary bike if that counts. 🙂

        I’m living out west in Eugene, Oregon. Just a stones throw from the University. I just completed my first novel. It’s being sent to agents and I’m getting ready for novel number 2.

        Good talking to you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Likewise Bryan, I just read about the chin-up bar incident. So sorry about that. I like your writing and hope you get #1 published and figure out the protagonist of #2. How do you find an editor? How much are they? Are you planning to self-publish? Likewise nice to connect.


    2. By the way, your site listing with your comment has the word com at the end of it then .com, so it doesn’t come up. I had to search without it. Suggest you fix that ASAP in your profile, account, settings, links or wherever!


    1. That’s great, good news! I will try to do that, Chuck. Mine is probably 11 months til it’s done especially since I have to start working again soon. So we’ll see about editing and publishing then.


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