Short Soggy Sunday Saunter with Saurabh

A bridge glistens with water in the sun after a typical Texas thunderstorm.

Check out this ride and more pictures on Strava.

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For a short map video of this ride, go to Relive.

We’ve cycled the Southern Walnut many times, but this was a new one to me S. introduced me to, if shorter.
Saurabh proudly displays his trademark healthy snack attack go-to foods like Snickers and Cheez-It’s.


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14 thoughts on “Short Soggy Sunday Saunter with Saurabh

  1. This is my first ride bike, funny you say that is two days I am watching YouTube videos and learning about stack and distances and so on. I will let you!

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  2. Hi, I would like to ask you your opinion. I am considering to buy a road bike and have found a second hand Giant OCR 3 2002, I have read a lot of good review what you think of this bike as my first road bike?

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    1. Giant is a good brand. I don’t know the specific model but you could research the cost if others are sold to see if you are getting a good orice..if the parts are still made they can be replaced. You could ask Giant
      If there are no cracks in the frame or major problems, maybe it’s fine. Bike fit is very important. Have you test ridden the bike? Can you take it to a shop to have a mech if look at it? Don’t know specific models but those are some ideas I have for you. Hope that helps!

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      1. I will see he bike on Friday, the way that is advertised is that there are no scratches and the pictures look quite good to be honest. Thanks for the reply!


      2. Looks ate part of it. If not ridden much that’s ggoo. Have you ridden a road bike before? I do stress a good fit. Maybe watch YouTube videos on buying a used bike fitst. Good luck!

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