My 40th Post in a Row, 50 Followers and Lots More Views, but I Miss All the Bicycling

Gettin’ Bloggy Wid It

I began this year with the notion of blogging daily for a month.  Checked that box.  Now it’s a week after Groundhog Day, and I’m still going strongly.  (I thought my post from 2/2 was fun and whimsical, but it was not read by many, so here’s another shot at that post).  Since 1/1, my followers have doubled to 50 – including 11 new ones just today!  Other stats of views, comments and visitors are way up.  What does it all mean?

It’s all very interesting to me, and awesome.  Thanks, everyone!  I can see how having good content is important, as is engaging with others.  I’m still learning, and yet, I am feeling like I am not doing my job, because I am not riding my bicycle very much.  My medical challenges are holding me back and have me feeling like a sports player on the bench – really wanting to go in and play, but unable to.  This is hard pour moi.

Anti-racist flyer seen on my walk with a flat tire home.  People resist Tinyhands Orangehead and his sycophants in various ways.  I bicycle.

Paging Doctor Feelgood

But not hard as in, “I’m poor and can’t feed my family.”  However, I am considering signing up for food stamps because my unemployment funds are low to begin with and are quickly dwindling.  I’m happy to report that I was able to find a different community clinic much nearer to me that will see me next week, instead of next month.  In fact, I will see a doctor I saw before when my employer reduced my hours and cancelled my benefits for a while seven years ago.  So that gives me hope he will run some lab tests and find out if my anemia has improved due to iron supplements, or if I have some other problem.  I hope not, and I can get back to having the energy for some longer bike rides.

Whatever the issue is, I have lost more weight.  Hopefully there is not some unknown illness causing this.  I think it’s a result of removing 99.5% of processed carbohydrate foods from my diet, walking, eating more vegetables, taking apple cider vinegar every day and fiber most days since 1/1.  I have not listed my weight like Fat Cyclist (“you can call me Fatty”) did a while back to publicly humiliate himself into weight loss.  It worked — he slimmed down and became a very good bike racer.  He’s now writing, though less often, at Red Kite Prayer.  For me I think some information should stay private, but who knows, maybe posting my weight is what I should do too to provide some accountability and support to help keep me losing pounds.  But so far, so good without doing that.

My bike outside the library and community center.

Some Days You Just Do Your Best and Make it Through

Today was not remarkable, but all the interaction with my new blogger friends was great!  I still checked off my goals:  daily walk, yoga, and blogging.  I biked a bit from job club (although I got a flat tire), made a visit to the public library to pick up my rental DVD of Bates Motel, because I didn’t watch it the first time I checked it out, and then did the paperwork at the clinic.  After a rest, I cooked a nice dinner to make up for the calories I missed from not having a great breakfast or lunch.

Very soon I will publish Part 2 of my interview with the amazing David Walker.  Thanks for reading!

NOTE:  This was a 500 word post including the title before I added the captions, this sentence and the end notes below — and started messing with it.

Dinner was refried black beans, quinoa, corn, broccoli, pork chop, chicken liver and onions, spices, butter, and guacamole with Greek yogurt.  Yum!


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One thought on “My 40th Post in a Row, 50 Followers and Lots More Views, but I Miss All the Bicycling

  1. Your diet does indeed seem to cause weight loss. I hope you can get yourself checked and that everything is fine.
    I found your blog through you commenting on a blog about a big RV lifestyle get-together, I think. Maybe others did too.

    Liked by 1 person

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