Austin WordPress Meetup Google Analytics Class – Taught in Klingon

I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know

After job search group, a Linked In consultation and a tasty nap, on a whim I looked at MeetUp.  There’s a WordPress group,  and they happened to be having a class on Google Analytics, a free software program to learn who’s looking at your website.  So I hopped on the trusty Fuji Silhouette and cruised downtown in the cool weather.  I’m sitting here feeling as if everyone else speaks Klingon, and I’m merely an Earthling.

A Dude is very right-brained, and this is left-brain stuff all the way.  Unless you have the luxury of money to hire a web person, learning this stuff is what one needs to do to get better in blogging, web mastering and so on.  For my first time out, it was too advanced.  But, I went, talked to some people, and got an ok feel for it.  So for me that’s a win.  Just like Charlie Sheen, A Dude likes WINNING!

Slides of Google Analytics presented by a very knowledgeable and nice man.  Who speaks Klingon.

From what I did gather, for those of you who like me are new to this, Google Analytics will tell you all kinds of stuff about who’s looking at your website.  Age, location, how long they looked at what pages, what they had for breakfast, favorite color (green – no, blue – no green.  Ahhhhhhh! [Monty Python reference]) and alot more.

The takeaway for me is that I need alot more people visiting to make it worthwhile.  For those who want to explore this topic more, Google has a demonstration site.  Here’s a handy summary article I found, too, by First Coast Designs.  In English!

More Interesting People Doing Interesting Stuff

The upside to knowing how little you know is that you know slightly less than before you went in.  But speaking with other folks, I found a fellow cyclist, Mark.  He’s new too but not sure it’s what he needs.  And there was Aki, a very nice young woman who works for a small local publisher of books about bikes — motorcycles, that is — and other gearhead stuff.  Lee Klancher is the founder of Octane Press, and he is also into bicycle riding.   I missed meeting him, but maybe he might advise me on writing my book.  And then there was the fill-in host, who has learned alot over the last nine months and shared part of her story with me.

Marcie is the webmistress of  She educates people about the legal and safe use of guns, and her husband is a full service gunsmith.  Now, A Dude is a lover not a fighter.  He’s a peaceful guy most of the time, except when people are accidentally on purpose trying to kill him with their cars.  But once upon a time, he did learn to responsibly use firearms.  So he understands their horrible, irreversible ability to maim and kill, and thus he avoids them.  But for those who do want to use them, he’s all for doing it the right way.

Another cool thing Marcie told me she does is arrange for classes for folks with disabilities.  Maybe they can’t lie down flat on the ground to shoot at a target range because then can’t get back up.  Or sitting in their wheelchair for too long is too painful.  So she works with them individually and is also working to change the culture at firing ranges and competitions that discriminate against the differently-abled.  For those interested in sport shooting, self-defense, or people living in the country with predatory wildlife nearby, I think that’s not a bad idea.  Though you’re never going to hurt yourself or anyone else with a nice cup of tea, unless you get the boiling water on you.  Never mind.

Something Wicked Cool This Way Comes… Next Week!

So, another blog comes to a close.  Tomorrow will be 40 posts in a row.  Next week I will have some interesting news.  Thanks for reading if you did.  Keep on doing it, and I’ll keep on writing.

P.S.  By the way, if you want a fun thing to do with words, go to the Internet Anagram Server. For Google Analytics, it came up with some winners:  Geological Nasty, Genial Scatology, a la Gynecologist, Analgesic Log Toy, El Satanic Googly, Coastal Niggle Yo, Lasagne Logic Toy, and Gallant Eco Yogis.  The list goes on.  Fun stuff!

Have you used Google Analytics?  How has it helped your blog or website?

WP GA class
Strava ride to the class and a picture of it.  The guy in front is speaking Klingon.
Ride in the Night
Grapes and sriracha chicken jerky.  The snack of champion… non-carb eaters.










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