Soup-er Tired, but Good Things Are Happening Bike, Blog and Body-Wise! (Day 6)

Today I walked, talked, (but listened more), biked, job searched and now am blogging. I have yet to yoga-cize, but I will, even if I must take a sivasana siesta first. But I’m tired. Partially that’s because of having extra energy from the cleaner eating, which leads to doing more than I should (like spending too long on this blog), staying up too late, and then fatigue. Although I’m eating super healthy, it’s insufficient in quantity and diversity.

Also, I’ve started to notice a craving for fats, which I’ve somewhat managed to address with almonds or walnuts, seeds or avocado in my smoothie or soup, and peanut butter with an apple. I’m not having any grains, which is a big shock to the system. So my plan is to survive the seventh day then reassess what all I can and want to eat but also NEED to eat. I’ve had an image of a delicious pink/orange piece of baked wild salmon. Yum! (I guess you’d call that salmon-colored.)

Strava activities photo 010618.png

Am I low on omegas? Probably. “Should” I eat some fish? Maybe. I think eating vegan would benefit me, but if I’m this tired, eating fish would help more. Everyone has a different opinion and agenda, and so far none of them know anything about my SPECIFIC, INDIVIDUAL needs. Eat paleo! Don’t eat added oils! Eat mostly fat! Eat carbs! Don’t eat carbs! Etc. ad nauseam (literally).

If I had enough money for a genetic test, I could get a nutritional plan tailored to me. But I don’t so I won’t. And who knows if that’s bunk or not? I am sorry/not sorry if I don’t fit into your box — whether it’s vegan, paleo, ketogenic, vegetarian, etc. It’s MY body — NOT yours — and the politically correct food police can just, well, eat me.

It’s a challenging, first-world problem. So I’m taking what works from a few books, my previous experiences fasting and being a vegan, and following my intuition. I’ve done very well with resisting temptation from smells and sights of my usual triggers. I’m in a state where junk food does not interest me, and I have to make myself eat sometimes. I couldn’t even finish the beet, cabbage, potato, onion soup, which after blended with hemp protein and sesame seeds was delicious.

A Dude from last week would have demolished all of that and alot more. The hungry beast that lives within has not been awakened. When it is, it may want to devour the old trigger cheat foods that would lead me back to a less healthy state. I’d rather not do that if I can. But if and when I do, I don’t want to hear the criticism from others (or within). I ain’t telling ya’ll what groceries to throw down your necks, as we say in Texas. So those voices can stuff it. Literally.

I can’t speak about the good news yet, but it’ll be awesome. I’ll let you know, in about 10 days to a couple of weeks.

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