Thanks to All My MS 150 Donors; Please Give NOW to My Texas Mamma Jamma Ride to Treat Breast Cancer Survivors!

MS150 progress final
My final tally from the BP MS 150 ride from Houston to Austin – 202 miles in 2 days!

We Raised $2,167 for MS Treatment and Research!

A Dude Abikes would like to give his whole-hearted thanks to the following for their magnificent donations, large, medium or small.  It’s the act of giving as much as the actual amount that made my supreme effort of 202 miles in two days on the bike back on April 29-30 have any meaning.  With the 9,000+ other riders, we raised over $13,000,000 for the cause:  for the  National MS Society to treat people with Multiple Sclerosis and drive research into better treatments and someday, a cure.  Here are the beautiful souls:

Niki A * Adrianne A * Marilyn B * Company Benevity Community Impact Fund * Shaun B * Samuel B (he gave twice!) * Antonia B * Matching Cisco Foundation (JustGive) * Bennie Council –  State Farm Insurance Agent * Saurabh D * Alison D * Karla Frazier, DDS * Alan & Prisca G * Bill G * Laura G * Tom G * Bill G * Randy G * Stephen G * Bryce H * Mary H * Stephanie J * Amanda J * Tiffany K * Melanie K * Melissa K * Lucy K * Kathy K * Nick M * Jeff M (he also gave twice!) * Esther M * Team Solutions * Harry M * Miller N (he also gave twice!) * Vanessa R * Orion R * Brian S * Seth W *

I’d also like to note that many people gave over $650 total to me personally so I could afford the hotel, bus, registration, team registration, training rides, bike maintenance and gear that allowed me to do this ride.  Here are some of them (list to be updated):

Bill G (+ MSS) * Edward B (RIP) * Larry & Joanna V * Miller N (+ MSS) * Megan B – Camp Vamanos * Sylvia L * Michael R * Peter M * Jeff M (+ MSS) * Shannon J * Carol H * Thom & Zoe N

MS150 logo

Additionally, several businesses and individuals stepped up even more to help out in various ways:

Sun & Ski Sports (everyone but especially Mike D, mechanic and good guy) * Team Sun & Ski Houston (Jimmy D, Toby C & Tiffany K) * Austin Community College Massage Internship Program (Alex & Maggie) * Gregg K (for several camping & training trips) * Bike Austin * Saurabh D (local ride support) * Bryce H (excellent Mavic wheels) * Aaron K (hotel room reservation & training ride) * Seth W (Bike Night at Circuit of the Americas * Neighborhood Acupuncture Clinic (Tony & Cindy) * Nancy Lipsey (National MS Society) * Doug (see my April 28 post) * All My Strava Followers (kudos help!) * Peddler Bike Shop (AJ C & guys) * Bike Farm (Owen & guys) * And you, dear readers

Here is a special mention for Bill Gooch, who believed I could do the ride so recruited me, but also got a number of his family and friends to pitch in.  Thanks alot for having me do all the suffering while you relaxed at home, Bill!  (Joking, but I did sure cramp.)

In Summation:  We Kicked Some Butt On & Off the Bike

I’ve already reflected on the experience of the ride (202 Miles in 2 Days…) but five months later it still lingers in the back of my mind (and in the legs) as a peak life event.  I won’t likely re-create it any time soon or maybe not at all in terms of distance and being surrounded by the sheer numbers of riders.  I’ll say it again:  biking is individual effort, but it’s a team sport for sure.  Just watch Le Tour de France (as I did — virtually every moment of all 21 stages!) or La Vuelta de Espana (as I am, on delay – no spoilers, please! – but only half of each stage since they start coverage half-way through, mercifully).  These are chess matches on wheels, races within races, tough as nails riders bringing other riders food and water, crying when they win out of pure exhaustion for 3,500 km overer 3 weeks, the managers, mechanics, soigneurs, team, medical and neutral service cars or motorcycles, police, media, fans, and so much more.   Perhaps I’ll go into that more, perhaps not.

My Next Charity Ride:  Mamma Jamma Ride on 9/23/17

MJR page cover image

In September of 2015, I did my second charity ride, for breast cancer patients.  I rode 57 miles and thought I was going to pass out and get eaten by turkey vultures — and there was no roadkill visible.  Bill G from the MS ride mentioned above helped me get through that rough patch, and now I’m doing it again.  People close to me have died, or survived, or been recently diagnosed.  1 in 8 women in America get breast cancer.  Men get it too, and I am myself at some risk.  So yes, this time it’s personal.  With Hurricane Harvey, there are even MORE people in Austin needing treatment.  Due to a non-bike injury I was not sure I was going to be able to do the 65 miles, and had to dial back my training, but it looks like I will be good to go, despite some ongoing pain.  Biking actually helps it.  So, now is the time to give as generously as possible, and to spread the word.  As you can see, we’ve barely passed 10% of the goal, so there’s alot of work to do.  There’s more to follow in the coming 10 days, including an exciting announcement, but for now, here is the link:


You know what to do.  Get that plastic money out, click away and make A Dude proud.  Give til it hurts.  As usual, I’ll be hurtin’ on the bike.  Thanks in advance for your support!

-Respectfully submitted,


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