Poem: Snowmaggedon 2021 Is Receding

After revisiting winter as a metaphor with my last post, I’m feeling a bit poetic. My first attempt at poetry (in this blog — I wrote plenty of sappy rhymes in my school days) was a tribute to nature titled Poem: Word to Your Mother (Earth). The second one was called Verisimilitude: Leap Day Twenty Twenty Poem; it dealt with a day in the life and went a little into politics including the environment. In case you missed them, or have forgotten, enjoy. As for today’s words, they’re about the longest period of subfreezing weather in Texas for a long time and the third heaviest snowstorm ever, resulting in power outages and water line breaks for millions across the state and many here in Austin. In fact, there’s an Austin water crew digging up the street to fix a leak as I write. This poem is also about life, politics and nature; I’m beginning to see a theme.

What does nature and political poetry have to do with pedaling a bike? As always, I think the best weapon against climate change is the bicycle. It was warm enough today I went out for a 10-mile ride. If it’s cold where you are but you’re brave and layered up enough, be safe out there. Or if you have one, get on your stationery bike or put your bike on a home trainer like I did the last few days. And if you’re amongst the hoi polloi, well, I doubt you’re reading this dude’s blog, but if so, have fun on your Peloton. We don’t judge. But before your pedaling, or after, here’s my poem. I don’t claim to be a good poet, but it’s like art: I don’t know much about it, but I know what I like. Hey, I’m no Ralph Waldo Emerson or Mary Oliver. I hope you like it.

Snowmaggedon 2021 is receding
Now ERCOT's finally succeeding
In turning the power, heat and lights back on
But now the damn water pressure's gone
While people freeze and dehydrate
Politicians finger-point and bloviate

Texas thinks it's a whole other, better nation
That's just gubernatorial mental masturbation
But hey, with us, you better not mess
Just quietly nod, smile, and say Gawd bless
In Pueblo, Tejas means friendly
Polite in front, knife in back, see?

We're a shithole country, full of corruption
Empty promises, chaos, and disruption
The Gov. blames the wind and solar power
We all know it's oil, coal and nuke's last hour
So often, lies GOP politicians have uttered
They know on what side their bread is buttered

But sometimes lying is a sin of omission
Why is oil and gas run by the Railroad Commission?
This Texan dude just wants to take his walk and ride his bike
Then come home to a warm meal and shower, if you like
To find the water leaks, one must be a sleuth
Dig deep in the earth -- eventually we'll uncover the truth

It doesn't take much of an energy scholar
To realize it's all about the almighty petrodollar
Politicians are hostages to whomever makes a campaign donation
To those with brains, this can hardly be a new revelation
Instead of having to make water from an icicle
Drive your damn car less and just ride your bicycle

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2 thoughts on “Poem: Snowmaggedon 2021 Is Receding

  1. Bravo, well stated it’s always been that those with the money control the rest of us all we can really do it try to survive the best we can! All the politicals are BOUGHT and PAID for and do their masters bidding, it’s just SAD! 😦 Thank GOD for the bicycle that can take you away from all this for a short span of time, that we all wished lasted forever! 🙂

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    1. Well said, B.J. We can all do our best individually but maybe collection be actionn will change things some day. Definitely both parties are money and power hungry, maybe one slightly less and at least pretends to care about the 99%. Life goes on…


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