Some of the Bike Blogs I Follow – Part 3

Catching up with some of my bike blog buddies, I dipped into the Reader function on WordPress. I see they are doing their thing, each in their own way, as they should. That by itself is inspiring, because it reminds me that I’m not really alone out there on the road pedaling away or in cyberspace writing about it. The words “bicycle community” are bandied about as if it’s a monolithic, coordinated effort, but it’s not either of those things.

Still, I believe there is a siblinghood (new word I just thought of — you read it here first!) of cyclists in the sense that if you ride a bike, you know the feeling of fun it can bring. So tonight instead of writing about myself again, of which I often grow weary, I’ll highlight a few of my fellow travelers. Check them out! I’m sure they won’t mind. And if you’re one of them I didn’t include, I hope to in a future edition.

But first, here are the previous two installments: Some of the Bike Blogs I Follow and Update on A Dude Abikes — The Book (which is really Part 1) and Some of the Bike Blogs I Follow – Part 2.


Anthony’s Perfect Moment isn’t just about bicycling, in fact, it’s usually about something else: his ESL teaching and students, food, travels and yes, perfect moments. He lives in Canada so his biking is limited by winter. But he went on a trip to Colombia back in the spring, and part of that was a Bogota Bike Tour. (Read about that on his Travels tab.) Unlike A Dude, he seems pretty balanced with his bicycling. The post that caught my eye was called “Climbing a Hill”. I liked it because it was succinct, straightforward, and relatable. With an economy of words, he gets into the story, there’s a middle, forward motion, and an end. Simple, but brilliant. Not one of my long-ass think pieces. I could take a page (or paragraph) from Tony’s book. Nice going, A!
Tempo Cyclist

Tempo Cyclist – Tasmania is a recent friend from Tasmania, Australia, although he moved there from England four years ago. I think I found him over a post he did about the ESPN interview with Lance (yes, that dude). Apparently he’s quite the legitimate bicyclist, he lives up to the name by doing some pretty rigorous and fast rides. Being a younger, fitter bloke, that’s to be exxpected. Normally these are the guys I avoid on Strava because they can be pretty intimidating. You know, the ones who fly by you with inches to spare with nary an “On your left!” or “G’day, mate!”. But he strikes me as friendly and his posts are instructive. Take his latest, “Do you spend TOO much money on cycling?” Sure, it’s his opinion, but it’s logical, clearly reasoned, with a little humor, and not at all pretentious. Well done, Thundah from Down Undah! (If that’s not already taken, you’re welcome.)

Bike Goddess

Bike Goddess (tag line: “Get out there and ride!”) is not a follower yet that I know of, and I’ve just recently found her blog. She’s out in Oregon, a commuter (back when people did that), and writes knowledgeably and authoritatively about many aspects of her biking. It’s included the Seattle to Portland (which sounds amazing — Bryce and Fanada from here did those 200 miles in one freaking day! but they’re freaks), charity rides, and even leading city tours. “One is the loneliest number” is a post about solo riding which resonated with me. I used to live in Seattle and visited Portland (which stole Austin’s Keep It Weird slogan, and sure miss the milder summers.

Although it’s on the longer side, I can’t complain about that. There are some nice photos, and I enjoy her writing. It’s like we’re seated together at a coffee shop and she’s telling me the story. She also made some good points about the competitive male-dominated and (yes, sometimes sexist vibe) of group rides versus the pleasures of doing it by yourself. (That came out wrong, but I blame the bookstore scene in Forty Year-Old Virgin.) Perhaps she’ll want to follow my blog too and we’ll become bike blog buddies. Or not. Who knows, maybe we’ll ride together some day, either here or there. That’s kind of a dream I have for all of these bloggers, but I’m in no shape physically or financially to tour the continent by bike. Maybe the next life.

Well, this is getting on in time since I’m reading a lot to be able to write something useful. I may add photos if they’re ok with that. While with my modest (but much appreciated!) amount of followers (544 currently), there’s no great bump in readership coming from my listing these cyclists and writers. But I bet if you go read them, you’ll take away something good. And if we have all done our job, maybe you’ll even want to go hop on your bike and go for your own ride!

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