This Bicycle Rider Is Going Places

Literally and figuratively, I’m always going somewhere. Today was partly virtual, in that my blog post 15 YEARS NOT A SLAVE TO CARS! was shared by It is an excellent collection of you guessed it! Bike news from around Texas. Thanks to Rick in Houston for doing that and for all he does! Another step in my diabolical plan to become internet famous. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah, sure Dude, whatever you say.

Vision Zero ATX held its first monthly meeting in a while at the Austin History Center. The small group is sponsored by a non-profit which has staff working on reducing all traffic deaths to zero whether they are people in cars, on bikes, by foot or even scooters. They are looking for volunteers to help rebuild their cause. Austin’s deaths increased last year, so there is work to be done to persuade city government to really allocate funds for better bike lanes and more. To learn more visit

Some of the state laws Vision Zero Texas wants to pass.

On the way back from the meeting, a woman cyclist was coming up behind me by bike. She nearly crashed right into me because I was about to move left to avoid a woman walking her dog in the bike lane. I yelled “Jesus! Just say passing on the left!” She just smiled and said, “Did I surprise you there?”

I replied with obvious exasperation in my voice, “Yes, we could have just crashed!” She rode off with no apology. I could have easily caught up to her and provided more education but decided it was a waste of time. Bicyclists need to learn to behave too, and just use some basic manners and common sense. Jeez, Louise!

Hauling groceries around town in a big lime green backpack gets old. I could add panniers, the side bags, if I had a rack. And even make my own bags if I wanted to (I don’t want to). But that’s what my roommate is doing. He’s a handy DIY guy who shares a car with his wife and bikes to work. Although he rarely has time for long rides, he went out and did one with 40 miles and 2,000+ feet of elevation without much exertion this weekend. For that reason I hate him. Not really. Ah, to be young with a fast metabolism again!

I almost had a flyby with Tour de France etc. professional rider Lawson Craddock. The one with the busted scapula from two years ago. I saw the pink of his EF Education First uniform and began to follow. I had somewhere to be so I let him go. Even during his cool down phase he left me sucking dust. He play hard to get regarding an interview with your blogger, even though we’ve met. His loss!

I haven’t taken a day off the bike this month and as a result am starting the year off right to hit my goal. But it’s unlikely I can keep it up and really should take rest days at some point.

There’s always more to say, but you get the idea. Staying home and doing nothing is of course an option, and some times I do that, too. But when I go places, it’s always rewarding, or at least educational. To quote Nelson Mandela, “I never lose. I either win or I learn.” Oh, the places you will go if you get out there on a bike!

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