Possible Blog Topics for Today Include the Following

Scenes from a day in the life of A Dude. Although it was not today, last night was not that long ago, so I’m including it. I went to One Page Salon and got to chat again with the affable host Owen Egerton and other phenomenal writers like Felix Morgan. She happens to be friends with a cyclist I once photographed for taking her bike in to the HEB grocery store. Jess recognized me and gave me two big hugs for some reason. Maybe I’ll hear from her, though I’m not holding my breath.

Owen Egerton and Johnny Holden on wacky keys at One Page Salon

Reading About Writing and Publishing

The other day I was at the main library and checked out Welcome to the Writer’s World by Seattle writer Paulette Perhach and How to Publish Your Non-Fiction Book by industry veteran Rudy Shur. I also got the expanded second edition of Guerrilla Marketing for Writers by Jay Conrad Levinson et al. Next, I’m waiting on a recent title to arrive by inter-library loan: Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business by Laura Pennington Briggs. I glanced through the first two and found both encouraging and look forward to absorbing the wisdom from all of them.

Why Does the Place Where You Go to Find the Truth Have the Word Lie In It?

Late this morning, I biked back downtown to the incredible, world class Austin Texas Central Library, named one of the “100 Best Places in the World” by TIME Magazine. This was a tour and hangout session with some members of Freelance Austin. Our tour guide was Paul, who plays in a honky-tonk dance bance called Texas Tycoons. He was excited by the new art show of well-known artist and musician Daniel Johnston (creator of the famous mural “Hi How Are You?”). Fun fact: the Catholic church across the street has a sign that says, “Doin’ fine. Wanna come to mass?”

Christian Moeller’s large sculpture Caw, with the famous Austin grackles (and no, it’s not a clock)

A couple in their 90’s joined our group, but took the elevator instead of the stairs, which slightly resembled the wacky upside-down interconnected ones drawn by M.C. Escher. Afterwards, I listened to four of the women talk about their work, challenges, and suggestions for my budding writing career. “Authenticity is the new big thing across all social media, You should be that,” DeAnna said.

I’m Hideous, Look Away!

After lunch, walk and short ride from downtown, I got a haircut from Bella Beauty College. My hairdresser’s name was Essence (“like the shampoo and the magazine,” she said). She is Latina and her favorite hobby is hiking. Cutting men’s hair isn’t really her thing; she likes nails and coloring hair. It took her a long time to chop my locks, since she’s a student, but I didn’t mind. I dozed off for a few moments, with few other clients there. The only other man there was the instructor Gilbert, who seemed happy to see me. It’s cheap and the teacher always fixes whatever the student may miss. Shirn like sheep, I look younger and feel better, and the two things might be related.

The Incredible Flatness of My Rear Tire (#5)

On my way to HEB for rice cakes, 2% cheddar cheese, bananas, low sugar ice cream, hummus, store brand 85% dark chocolate, and sugar-free Think brand protein bars, I was gifted with another flat tire. I don’t know how, it wasn’t immediately visible. I pumped it up before entering the vast store and then when I came out, it was low again. Fortunately, I was right on the city bus line that would take me straight home. A helpful woman told me it was delayed and would be there in four minutes. I had to curtail my riding, and I was pretty tired anyway, so home I went. It’s a steel-belted tire and insanely hard to get off the wheel, but I’ll figure it out in the morning.

Well, you get the picture. Here are a few pictures. Enjoy. And come back on Saturday morning for more A Dude Abikes.

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3 thoughts on “Possible Blog Topics for Today Include the Following

    1. Sure, Paulette, and thank you for commenting here! You’re kinda blowing my mind that a published famous author would say hi!

      I lived in Seattle a few years back in the 90s. Didn’t drink coffee so the Starbucks gestapo chased me out of town (or maybe it was the s.a.d., since I’m a Texan.)

      I noticed the prompts in your book. I’m just getting into it and it’s so wonderful you did it and I found it. I don’t have a problem coming up with blog topics, but I’ll check it out. I alternate days to edit my memoir of two years about what a friend called my “epic velocimania” https://wp.me/p75hY4-Pd.

      I would love to find an agent, editor and publisher to get it birthed into the world. I know I need to learn about that and have books on it as well.

      First I need to monetize what I’m doing and write for others ASAP. I’m getting a lot of conflicting advice about the various platforms: use Upwork, Verblio, Facebook, make my own site (or don’t). Hopefully your book clarifies both publishing and freelancing.

      I’d love to jet in and buy you a beverage and have a chat about it. Do you ever get to Austin? For now I’ll have to rely on the book and website. I’m sure you’re a busy woman but feel free to gmail a dude abikes!

      Thanks again! -ADAB


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