Stuff I Did: Dayum It Feels Good to Be a Bikestah!

I did some stuff. Maybe it’s a lot, maybe not but it’s hard to say. Everyone’s stuff is different. So if it’s okay, I’d like to tell you about my stuff. I guess that’s why you’re here. “What’s that? It’s fine.” you say. “Great, thank you, that’s very kind of you,” is my reply. Most of the stuff I did and which I’m going to tell you about has to do with bicycling. Other stuff is more tangential but still, I either went places on a bicycle or I talked about bicycling, so it counts. Without delay, here’s the stuff.

The first main thing I did even before showering, shaving and dressing was to do these usually daily things (or collectively The Stuff, if you’d rather):

  • Synced my Garmin vivoactiveHR watch to the app
  • Gave the people I follow on Strava kudos
  • Brushed my teeth, scraped my tongue, showered and stuff.
  • Forlornly gazed upon the hairs formerly on my head in the drain and binned them.
  • Ate a banana and some dark chocolate.

Then, I biked to a coffee shop. It’s called Kick Butt Coffee because it was founded by a martial arts instructor here in Austin, Texas. They have a lot of cool stuff like a poster of what happens when Chuck Norris does what he does. Poetry readings, stand-up comedy open mic, music, etc.

Once there I got some slightly caffeinated tropical green tea. Then a fellow job searcher arrived and we talked about our resumes and stuff. This was fun and interesting, since we just recently met. She’s from somewhere in Europe but has been here a while, although she still has a bit of an accent. However she’s really smart and knows a lot of technical businessy stuff, which A Dude most certainly does not.

I’m pretty sure we’ll meet again to talk about our stuff and also will run into each other at other job search activities. But we both want to be, like, you know, doing other stuff than we are, which is non-paying stuff. We want to do the stuff that dreams are made of. And someday be able to provide the timeless answer to the eternal question: “Yeah, but who ARE you?” asked of David S Pumpkins of SNL fame: “I’m my own thang, man!”

I then went to my first Freelance Austin meeting, where I met a woman who writes the blog, It’s a very nice-looking site about all the bath stuff you ever wanted to know. Then we heard a very useful presentation about how to break up with bad clients from Since I don’t have any yet, it wasn’t quite right for me yet. But it was good stuff that I stuffed away in my brain for later. And since it was around the corner from where I stay, I did some stuff at home: chillin’ like a villain, reading about the impeachment, petting the dogs (the little one likes to snuggle on the couch), not eating lunch, and changing clothes.

A blurry but smiley Jaz preparing frozen bananas for smoothies at Juiceland.

I then biked to a place where I had a piece of business, but it was closed, though a guy told me some stuff about when to come back. So I went to a doctor’s office to see if I needed an appointment about a potentially bike-related problem, but they were closed so I was referred to the 800 number. At some point I stopped at Juiceland where the delightful Jaz made me The Originator smoothie, which tastes like a liquid peanut butter and jelly sandwich!). Then, I headed for the ranch and again putzed around. After changing out of my casual clothes, spritzing the pitz and puttin’ on the ritz and assorted stuff, I was ready to ride (RtR).

There was a holiday party for freelancers I was invited to. I biked a good piece to get there, but when I arrived, I found that it was not until next week. That was ok, it just meant more time for more miles. My total bike ride with all the stops was 33 miles .

Then my walk, yoga and this blog. Despite the ups and downs (both literal and figurative), the bikestah lifestyle is good. I hope you’d liked this slice of life. But if you didn’t like the stuff I did on or relating to bicycles, or the way I wrote about all that stuff, you know what you can do: stuff it! Alright, that’s some good stuff, so I’m going to sign off now. Have a good evening and stuff, you know?

If you haven’t seen Office Space the movie, that’s where this title comes from.

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    1. And it was subconscious, even! That’s how powerful his influence is still. Him, Gene Wilder, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor… So many great comedians gone before their time. But we have their films, albums books, tv and sensibilities.

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