My Top 10 Bicycling Holiday Gift Wish List

Yes, Santa bikes! Source: Bicycle Touring Guide

A while ago I wrote a post about “manifesting abundance” — whether it really works or is horse manure. As with matters spiritual I’m an agnostic atheist, so in this case I’m going to say the jury is still out. So it occurred to me with Chanukah and other holidays around the corner that there is a lot of stuff I need for my bicycle habit. In case the Universe, Elon Musk or someone is listening, I’ve complied a list.

You never know, maybe there are some secretly rich fans out there with wads of cash money burning big holes in their pockets who weren’t aware that I’m not burdened with the filthy lucre. (As for whether I’ve been naughty or nice, well, whatever the gift-giving goddesses need to hear is the correct answer.) My go-to shops are Sun & Ski Sports, The Peddler Bike Shop, Clown Dog Bikes and Bicycle Sports Shop. After all, wasn’t it Jesus himself who said, “Ask, and you shall receive”? You don’t want to go against that guy, right? But totally seriously, here’s my list, y’all. One thing’s for sure: Biking sure ain’t cheap.

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Stuff I Did: Dayum It Feels Good to Be a Bikestah!

I did some stuff. Maybe it’s a lot, maybe not but it’s hard to say. Everyone’s stuff is different. So if it’s okay, I’d like to tell you about my stuff. I guess that’s why you’re here. “What’s that? It’s fine.” you say. “Great, thank you, that’s very kind of you,” is my reply. Most of the stuff I did and which I’m going to tell you about has to do with bicycling. Other stuff is more tangential but still, I either went places on a bicycle or I talked about bicycling, so it counts. Without delay, here’s the stuff.

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