Pro Cyclist Lawson Craddock Looked Right at Me, Just Kept on Biking

True story:  Yesterday I was out for my morning walk near a downtown Austin, Texas cemetery, since I’m cat and housesitting.  I had on my Elmer Fudd hat that covers my ears and neck, headphones tuned to the classical radio station.  I was heading south and in the distance, I saw a flash of pink heading toward me.  It got bigger, and I recognized after watching the Tour de France:  it was Lawson Craddock.  He became famous due to getting a broken scapula on Stage 1 and fundraising almost $200,000 for the Houston Alkek Velodrome, where he trained as a youth.

Lawdog, as he’s known, wasn’t going too fast, but I didn’t have time to get out my camera or think of anything brilliant to say.  So I just said, “Hey, buddy!  It’s A Dude Abikes!”  Like a puppy dog quizzically cocking its head to the side when confused with something, he looked right at me.  A flash of recognition may have been there, or maybe not, since I’ve been posting notes on his Strava page.  The moment passed, and he kept on riding.  How can I not blog about that?

Lawdog and Me

Lawdog’s team jersey from his Twitter page.

I’m an amateur Austin cyclist who loves watching le Tour de France, and Lawson is a pro riding in his second one who lives here.  I have a blog.  He’s cycling famous.  Now, we’ve had a flyby.  So it seems like destiny.  But so far, no luck getting his attention.  Why would he?  I have under 300 followers and no social media presence.  There’s no benefit to him.  His story has been told on major media channels.

But like Michael Moore and his quest to talk to General Motors CEO Roger something or other, made famous by the documentary Roger and Me, this has now become a thing.   I’m starting a hastag campaign:  #FightForLawdogInterview .  You can help me out by spreading it around, because I’m still not on Twitter and so on.

So it seems like destiny, we will meet and do an awesome interview.  I’m in the market for a coach, after all.  Sure I’m older and never going to ride or race professionally, but one is never too old to learn.


I biked over the same segment and this happened.

That’s all for now except to say I had my first hundred mile week in a while since my medical difficulties.  No broken scapula and gash above my eye, but a setback nonetheless.  So a hundo week is pretty good for me.


Thanks for reading, and Lawson, if you see this, let’s get ‘er done, complete with photo shoot and short little ride!  (But a re overy one, after you’ve gone out and hammered out 7 miles).




























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      1. I’m sorry to break it to you, but yes . . it does in fact make you a twit. But that’s okay, it’s part of the expectation that you be a twit. All the other twits will accept you, it’ll be fine. 🙂

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