Jake Johannsen:  I Meet the Professional Comedian, Sex Robot and LA Bicyclist!

Former cyclist Saurabh (“Do you even bike, bro?” No.) and I hit Cap City Comedy Club for a sweet Wednesday night delicious yuk-fest.  (Do you see what I did there?)  The opening act from Austin, who just moved to Atlanta, was named Austin.  The second act was from St. Louis and drats if I can’t find his name.  Both are funny gentlemen.  But the headliner was a familiar face, a comedy stalwart (who has no actual warts) and was on the Late Show with David Letterman a whopping 46 times, has HBO and other TV specials, podcaster and nice guy who had us laughing uncontrollably.  He’s also a sex robot and rides a bicycle… in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA!  Here’s a little post about Jake Johannsen.  You might also enjoy… Jake Johanssen*.  You can’t win them all, but I felt like a winner tonight!  (*The title of one of his comedy specials.)

Why Is This Bike Blog About a Comedian?img_20180822_220714657385733513.jpg

The nice thing about Cap City is that you can talk to the performers after and many will pose for photos, and Jake very kindly obliged.   I didn’t get the details, but he does ride a bike.  I think he said he has an e-bike.  We’ll count it.

The nice thing about being an amateur, unpaid, struggling, starving writer artist, is that I can write about whatever the hell I want to.  Since Jake told me he rides a bike, this is definitely relevant.  If you checked out the blog BikingInLA as suggested in Some of the Bike Blogs I Follow…, then you know this is no mean feat.  But I imagine that he is not commuting to work at 7 am in crazy traffic because he has a night job.  He’s a wild and crazy guy, but he’s no idiot with a death wish.

After the show, I actually had the chutzpah to invite him on a bike ride, but he said he “had to meet an old friend for lunch.”  Then I imagine he would do all that cool comedy stuff the rest of the day.  Translation:  Sleep in late, prepare for his show, “research” (watch TV), and do other funny business (rim shot!) — not go on a bike ride with a rando fan he just met.

Biking, Comedy, and Blogging:  All Take Commitment, Creativity, Diligence and Discipline

I’m no expert nor is this a review, but his set was at times almost manic but controlled chaos.  Other times it was really insightful.   Like about his wife and daughter, marriage, the President, and many other topics.  He has a masterful command of the comedic callback. There was some astute reading of the room and audience interaction.  Great facial expressiveness.  Effective use of curse words.   Of course I can’t repeat any of his jokes without breaking the laws of comedy, not that I could tell any of them well, but let’s just say he’s pretty freakin’ hilarious.

In between my laughing very, VERY hard while trying not to choke on my cheese-drenched pomme frites (not processed, so allowed on my whole grain diet), I realized something:  There are actually some important similarities between our activities.  They require commitment, creativity, discipline, and diligently pursuing one’s craft.  In his case, he tells stories with humor.  Mine are more factual or inspirational, but hopefully at times amusing.  But those traits are are all qualities A Dude Abikes aspires to do well in one way or another.  And he’s in the majors, I’m not even in triple A ball.  Still, don’t compare yourself to others, but take inspiration from them.

Jake performs again Thursday and Friday at 7:30 and 10:00 pm.  If you are in Austin, Texas and like smart, insightful and hilarious comedy, I definitely encourage you to go see him!  See Cap City Comedy to buy tickets.  Hurry before the shows sell out (if they haven’t already)!

Jake kindly posed with A Dude Abikes, who’s wearing my new free cowboy shirt with snaps.

If you’re not in town, you can check him out at the following platforms:

Website:  www.JakeThis.com

Twitter:  @JakeThis

Instagram:  Instagram.com/JakeThis

Facebook:  Jake Johannsen

Podcast:  JakeThis

Big thanks to Mr. Johannsen for a wonderful show and for the nice chat and photo after.  And if your schedule frees up and we can get you a bicycle, e-bike or otherwise, let’s do it!

P.S.  I could not verify whether he really is a sex robot, nor do I really want to, but let’s just say that if he is, he gets to say whether he is or not, and we don’t get to judge him for it.


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2 thoughts on “Jake Johannsen:  I Meet the Professional Comedian, Sex Robot and LA Bicyclist!

    1. I just met him after a show so assume you can just email him through his website or contact his agent sorry. Nice guy though. Interesting you know that history. Sorry I couldn’t help more.


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