Baby Friday: Let Me Show You a Few Things

Seen with Movie Pass. Some gross parts but also pithy ones about parenting. Pretty funny, too.  The name is censored, it’s really Cock Blockers.  Thus the picture of the rooster (a cock).

Five photos from my day.  Please scroll to the bottom in case the bunch of extra space I can’t delete that WordPress has inserted is still here.

A late lunch of ground beef, brown rice, green lentils, red peppers, onions, mushrooms and yogurt to kill the spiciness.  Followed by some dried apricots. Iron!
My job search with a team (SWAT) meeting place, Corona Coffee Co. One member finally got a job, yay!
A free shirt from SXSW, it came with a card holder for the back of my phone.












The iron supplement I restarted and the fiber I need to restart to combat the digestive problems iron causes.


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