Pics From My Day Biking in Austin

Today I rode 20 miles going places and doing things. Here are a few pictures to enjoy. I hope you’ll come back again tomorrow for a written post. If it’s what I think, it will be a pretty great one. Thanks for visiting!

Delicious healthy salad with chicken and cotija cheese from Zuzu’s.
Workers were moving this huge incredible tree. It was an impressive feat of engineering and environmental preservation that I found to be lovely and amazing. Trees provide oxygen which is life for all especially bicyclists!
A little rain created this full but faint rainbow. I was glad I braved the elements and was able to get this shot. The Keep Austin Beautiful sign was a bonus.
I attend this monthly writers’ event where authors read a page. One Page Salon is always fun, educational and inspirational.
The shirt I wore today is a take-off on a beer label, from a shop in Fargo, North Dakota I visited in fall 2016.


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23 thoughts on “Pics From My Day Biking in Austin

  1. They are some really cool pictures. That salad looked so tasty! My favourite was the rainbow picture. Mystery photo sounds interesting…

    Liked by 1 person

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