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Today was one of those days when I just couldn’t even.  I had to have a nap or was going to fall over.  Later I managed a short ride to the post office and library, and then walked home.  Something feels like it has been out of kilter for a while, more than just low iron.  I won’t go into the whole thing but whatever it is is annoying and troublesome.  Maybe the community health safety net will figure it out and heal me.  Ha ha ha ha ha!

It’s been a while since I’ve been to acupuncture or for a massage, so I need to splurge for the former and use a coupon for the latter.  Reminds me of a softball game I stumbled upon in Seattle with my girlfriend.  Someone asked me, “Are you LDS?”  Not knowing if they were selling me acid or just what in the hell they were speaking about, I said, “Not yet.”  You see, LDS is short for the Church of Latter Day Saints.  You know, they of the huge choir and tabernacle, sister wives (allegedly):  aka Mormons.  I told you this would be meandering.

Source:  John Hain on Pixabay

Last night a woman who looked like she could be living on the streets because she was walking past me the other direction under an overpass in the middle of the road yelled something at me.  It sounded like “You ain’t no big time cyclist!”  Well, duh.  Never said I was, complete random stranger.  I couldn’t really hear her so said back in a loud, calm voice, “I couldn’t really hear you, but shut up.”  It was somewhat satisfying because she yelled back and had to know I couldn’t hear.  She knew she was yelling in the wind.  Obviously she was having a bad day, but so was I.

Zombie Jesus Day

That’s because the grocery store was closed when I required something due to Zombie Jesus Day.  (Thanks, Steve.)  I’m not sorry if that offends any Christians out there because:  a) it’s a joke, so get over yourself, b) it’s a pretty funny joke at that c) it’s an interesting metaphor — is believing in religion have alot to do with your brains getting eaten? and d) if you’re honest with yourself, it’s also sorta accurate.  People who die and come back are usually zombies.  Or vampires.  Or otherwise not healthy, normal people.  Definitely not something that is not full of life or worshipped.

Source: Nicole Mitchell aks bumkinbugg on Photo Bucket

Point is, some days we are not at our best.  People better recognize and not yell random shit at me and expect me to smile and nod politely.  Their next action could be physical assault, so I assert myself.  The mean streets of Austin, amirite?  We should be more forgiving of others, and they should forgive us.  Wait!  That’s part of the Lord’s Prayer.  I just kind of argued against myself there, and Jesus won.  Oh well.  He’s still a zombie.  And I guess zombies are pretty cool.  Anyway, e) if you’re Christian, you must forgive me, especially because I’m chosen.  That’s right, I’m Jewish.  Well, at least from the waist down.  #Winning!

I Love!

I wasn’t going to mention this site since it’s so negative and bad for bicyclists, but it’s kinda funny in a Schadenfreude / Punk’d sort of way.  The author is called Falco (pretty sure the “Rock Me Amadeus” singer is dead, so he’s a charlatan poseur who probably bikes everywhere and wears Spandex even when he’s not on his bicycle) claims it’s a humor site.  Basically all about stupid things bicyclists do.  Which can be funny if you thrive on other people’s misery and stupidity.  I won’t steal his fire; you can go and see for yourself.  Or not.  The one redeeming virtue of his site is that if you’re a cyclist, you should pretty much do the exact opposite of the stupid shit he shows in great detail with obvious delight.

In Other News

I may have found some income for a short time, and if I do, that means I can buy more kale and eggs like I had for brunch in the picture below.  It also means probably less time to spend messing about on the blog.  It had to happen.  “Blogging and books are marathons,” job coach Marc Miller of Career Pivot said to me today.

March 2018 Strava stats.png
Strava says I’ve bicycled 742.8 miles in 2018, 47% of that in March, w/10,000+ feet of elevation.

Despite my fatigue, last week was my longest yet this year.  So that’s cause for cautious optimism.  Maybe there is still gas in the tank, energy in the legs, desire in the wherever desire is.  If I can solve if not at least treat the various health challenges, maybe I can get myself back to longer rides.  But I have to ask myself, why?  Isn’t riding 80 to 100-mile weeks what I swore to swear off doing so I could write more, and have a more balanced life?  Yes, but it sure is easier to hop on the bike for a few hours than it is to clean house, sort through boxes, or determine my purpose and meaning of my life on this planet.  So we’ll see how it goes.  Balance is the image of my sun sign in astrology, after all.

One follower, Sorryless (whom you go should check out — Wait!  After finishing this blog, silly! — because he’s a smart and funny writer), said he liked to hear about progress on the book.  I can say it’s slow going, but it is going.  May 2016 did not have but one blog really, so I am going week by week to look at the titles of past rides in Strava, as well as emails, calendar, and whatever recollections they may trigger.  Reconstructing what I was thinking and feeling is much harder to do than put down what I was doing.  How to make a compelling book out of it is the challenge.

At some point I really will have to make an effort to find allies and teachers to see what I’m doing right.  One book, suggested by Dale Thele, sounds great.  I just have not made reading a high priority.  Although I’m now barely starting to read a book on Time Management, so maybe that wil help, especially as my time gets squeezed by this awful thing known as a J-O-B.  (Dammit!  There’s another Christian reference!)

I Could Go On…

…but I won’t because I’m over 1,000 words again.  Clearly, this was not a very clear day.  This happens.  We’ll get back on our bikes again tomorrow.  Just.  Keep.  Pedalin’.

This is for my French WordPress friends, and
Poached eggs, kale, peppers, onions, turkey bacon, and hot sauce.












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11 thoughts on “Meandering Monday Musings

  1. First of all, thank you for the shout out! Smart and funny, you’re going to make me blush. And I appreciate it, very much.
    Yanno, you’re right on about how people take things too seriously. Jesus Zombie Day IS accurate, and I might up the ante by adding that Jesus probably shouldn’t go anywhere near Sheriff Rick Grimes or Negan. It’s just true! lol
    There is so much to writing a book. When you get past the obvious challenge of actually writing the book, then comes where to publish it . . how to publish it, etc. Lots of things to consider. It is a slow going process indeed.

    Thank you once again, Dude!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey man, glad to rediscover your blog! I enjoy your rambles 😀

    It’s good that you can recognise when you’re not doing well, might not feel like it, but just being able to identify “I’m in a bad place rn” gives you a little more power than if you just live mindlessly.

    I’ve heard the zombie Jesus joke before, but never seen the image of him coming for you with a piece of the cross, hand still nailed to it. Sacrelicious, as Homer would say!

    Anyway, I hope your health issues resolve soon, and keep up the hilarious rambling blog posts 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey kinchski! Great that you stopped by, mate! Yes it’s an annoying uphill, all this shite. So maybe I’m slowing down some and need to eat my Wheaties (or Weetabix, or Vegemite sandwiches — whatever the equivalent is down undah. Hope you’re doing well. Remind me if you cycle? If so, perhaps we might swap guest blogs? Maybe I can search out some Aussie stuff here, like I could ride to my ex-boss’s house and take her photo or sumpin. You could go find some Texas thing, like a BBQ joint. Yes?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, munch some Vegemite sandwiches, get your year’s worth of sodium in two bites 😀

        I’m currently saving for a bike, let you know when I have wheels again – blog swap sounds cool. Americans food and music is actually huge in Melbourne right now, so could decibel find something

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, but Texas might be more of a challenge. Tried to download that tracker but didn’t work. Will try again. Good luck with bike saving. We have a community shop to earn a bike. Maybe you do too but don’t know if it?


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