The Austin Bomber Got Caught and Self-Exploded; Book Writing Day Photos

I’m sure you can find plenty of media about the Austin serial bomber. I’m against the death penalty but sociopaths deserve life in prison or a mental hospital. Maybe we’ll find out his motives. But he was a millennial, white, male, conservative, Christian, bigoted domestic terrorist who killed two African-Americans and injured four, one of whom was Latina, so that tells us alot.  It’s a sad situation.  Maybe there is such a thing as karma.

Today and tomorrow are book writing days, so enjoy a few photos.

032118 HCRA Parmer Pedal cow picture.png
Way back Wednesday!  Two years ago today, March 21, 2016, I was on a training ride for the Hill Country Ride for AIDS, having a great time with a bunch of fellow riders.  And cows.
Takin’ care of a piece of bidness at
B is for bicycles!  A fun book that spells out the alphabet in bike terms.  Fun!












032118 free chair walk.png
Attracting abundance: real or bullshit? Who cares?  On my walk, I got a free chair a guy named Jim left out.


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3 thoughts on “The Austin Bomber Got Caught and Self-Exploded; Book Writing Day Photos

  1. I’m with you, it’s so hard to keep up with other’s blogs, my own, and then work on the book. Over the last three months, I’ve spent my time working on the book. It’s with the editor, so I have a little more time for blogs, etc. But as soon as he returns it, it will be full throttle getting it ready for publication and the marketing process. Never a dull moment. Good luck with your manuscript.

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    1. Interviews with roommates, families, searching his computer may reveal something. But his blog already did: rabid antisocial tendencies which, not to get too political, are in favor with many people and politicians these days.

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