13 Ways to be Frugal and Save Money When You’re Unemployed (Or Just Broke) + 18-Mile Bike Ride

Saving Money Is Simple and Sometimes Easy (Like Rawlins)

There are probably countless websites listing a far more coherent and cohesive list of places to go and things to do to save money.  Here is what I came up with today that began percolating on my ride.

1. Stay In. There are lots of things to do at home. Blog, cook, read, do yoga, make crafts or art, play cards or board games, read www.ADudeAbikes.com, etc. All are basically free.  Of course if you are a shopaholic or order pizza every day that’s a problem.  I find staying in is a way to save.

2. Barber, Beauty and Massage Schools. Why pay $30 for a hair cut, or too much for body care products and treatment, or muscle relaxation? If you don’t need a perfect treatment and have time, go where experienced students will do it much more cheaply, and are supervised.  I pay $20 for 5 haircuts and get to practice my Spanish while a number of Latina women stare at the one cutting my hair.  They don’t get alot of dudes.

3. Bike, Walk, Bus. Not driving a car saves money. Not owning one at all saves alot of money! Plus it’s good exercise.  Also, it’s good for Planet Earth. You know, that place where we all live and must save and preserve for future generations?

4. Movie Pass and First Thursdays at the Museum. For $10/month, you can see a new film every day for free! Why would you pay $12 for one movie ever again? (http://www.MoviePass.com)  If it’s not available, see if there are any discount movie theaters.  Many towns have free nights at museums, too.

5. Cook Vegetables. When you cook your own food, you’ll probably eat less and healthier, especially if you include more vegetables. And if you stay in more to do that, you won’t go to restaurants, especially fast food.  (If you have kids who demand it, good luck.)  An exception would be for special occasions. When you do go out to eat, have the waiter put half of your usually oversized order in a to-go box home, or split plates.

6. Don’t Order Anything (or Much). At coffee shops etc. you are not really obligated to order, especially if a friend is ordering. Hey, they’re offering free WiFi.  But if you’re there all day, they may ask you to order at least a cup of tea.  You could put money in the tip jar instead.

7. Libraries. Free books, magazines, DVD’s and more. Unless you can afford new books and can’t wait for them to come out in the library, why buy?

8. Resale Shops. Goodwill, Half Price Books and similar thrift store or second-hand places all have good stuff at lower prices. You may have to shop a while, but it’s worth it.

9. Free Samples. Grocery stores have a bunch of freebies at once, usually weekend mornings. Granted it’s not a huge thing but fun. You may find samples at other places, like free art openings or seminars.

10. Warm Clothes and Shorter Showers. In winter, put on warmer clothes instead of cranking up the heater. By taking shorter showers and even skipping a day (but still washing privates, face and hands), you can save energy and water. That’s money.

11. Win Tickets on the Radio. If you’re not working, listen to the radio. Many give away tickets. Call repeatedly and eventually you may win. Or sign up on their websites. A Dude was recently gifted with a ticket to a show because he sent the director his resume!

12. Barter. A Dude is part of the Austin. Time Exchange Network, which is part of www.Hourworld.org. You bank an hour of your time by providing up just notes for someone, and then spent those hours on people helping me empty out a storage unit. Cool stuff! Many people do this informally anyway, or using the Next Door neighborhood app.

13. Don’t Buy Crap You Don’t Need! This seems obvious, but when you’re not working, you can do without alot. Think before you get something. Do you need it?  (Soap, underwear, bike parts.)  Do you want it?  (That new Walter Mosley book is not crap, but that’s $27.)

That’s just 13 that I came up with off the top of my head.  I’m sure there are many more. What tips do you have for saving money? Comments are welcome below, and while you’re at it, may as well Like and Follow A Dude Abikes. Thanks!

A Dude, A Bike, A Rider Bill

Here’s the link to a video map of my bike ride today.  Just 18 miles, not huge, not small.

Relive ‘Grey Day Trek on Grey Trek + Rider Bill!’

Rider Bill posing with the tiny cows.

I finally met a guy named Rider Bill whom I’ve seen on Strava, the GPS app. Small world! We were going the same way and I showed him a new route, which he liked. I enjoyed getting to know the man behind the stats. He’s biking around 6,000 miles per year, too, so he’s no slouch!  The cows in the background actually approached us, very inquisitively.  More photos below.  I may have heard them say (“Eet mor chikin”).

ADAB Roundup

I don’t often pass 10,000 steps a day, but I did today, yay!
Cows came to say hello and stare inquisitively at us.  Maybe they saw human steaks?  Nah, too fatty.
Cows leaving the hill to check us out.



Daisy the neighbor dog only paw-sed a moment to let me snag her image.















Brown rice, sardines, spices, butter and olie. Dip is tomato, yogurt and salsa. Plus Bean Chips — yum!






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Macy is a Weimerauner at The Peddler.  Manager Mike and her owner taught her how to high five in exchange for a squeaky toy.  It worked for me, since I got her to do it.  Cool!








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