Cadence & Speed Sensors; Proposed Bike Lanes; and My Verified Iron Deficiency

Part I:   More Data from Garmin Gadgets

I finally made it to Sun & Ski Sports for the sensors.  Once I figured out how to sync then with my Garmin vivoactive hr watch, they were easily installed by Mike the Mechanic.  Speed is already measured by the watch, but now it can be measured on the home trainer.  That is, if we don’t blink and miss Austin’s short winter and I don’t need to pedal inside.  However, clearly, I do.  The X-Files has been back on for over a week and I hadn’t seen either episode.  Such Scully-y and Mulder-y goodness!  If you’re not a fan, you have no idea.  I’m sure the paranormal investigating FBI agents are cyclists when not busy hunting conspiracies or aliens and such.

Cadence sensor

Anyway, I was able to view my cadence on the watch as I cycled.  Just two more numbers appeared in the data fields, highest and average cadences.  Whether I use the screens or the data for training remains to be seen, but they’re handy to have.  And not too expensive.  Of course if you’re rolling in money (who does that except Daddy Warbucks and Tinyhands Orangehead?), go ahead and get a much better bike computer like the Fenix – but you may still have to mess with the sensors.  Necessary for the recreational or commuting bicyclist?  No.  Interesting and a good tool to have?   Sure.

Part II:  The Public Process for Bike Lane Design

The Austin Transportation Department’s Active Transportation & Street Design held an open house to discuss bike lanes being added to two east-west roads, one of which I used to live on, and the other I used fairly often.  It was neat to see neighbors come out, even those with concerns about parking and kids being dropped off for school, and learn, converse and be citizens — without acting like the presidents of the US and PDRK.

People talking about bike lanes. Very cool

I saw several familiar faces, and in fact invited one to be the subject of a post in this blog.  (If you’re reading, say yes!)  It was interesting to watch the team do their very professional, jobs but in a laid back way.   Both the community outreach work of listening to concerns and also conveying undoubtedly technical, political and socioeconomic factors that all go into these complex projects don’t look easy.  So a tip of A Dude’s bright yellow high-vis Giro MIPS helmet from Sun and Ski Sports.

Map and pictures of the proposed design

My impression was that they truly are interested in making the best design work for the most people possible.  Some of them bike, too.  Bike lanes, sidewalks and other traffic improvements are important to save lives and create a more livable city, and we have the budget for it now with Proposition 1 passing (A Dude helped with that).  But some people will never be happy, and most people will not be completely satisfied.  We simply must learn to share the roads.  We CAN just get along here.


Part III:  I Am Iron Man (Not).  But I Do Have a Diagnosed Ferrous Deficiency.

Test results are back and my iron level was very low.

A path to a hidden lot I saw on my morning walk, for only the second time

I never knew that there was such a thing as exercise-induced iron deficiency.  Now I sure do.  Thank goodness I did not swear on a stack of bibles (there’s that pesky religious orthodoxy that A Dude does not buy into) that I would never eat another animal product again.  Because on the advice of me, I went and got some foods higher in iron and ate one of them:  liver.  Someone pinched the end of my fingers and the tips did not refill with blood immediately as his did, either.  I also got raisins and already have spinach.  I could have relied on the iron pill and vegetarian sources, but I do not want to draw this out.  The symptoms of grogginess, dropping things, and general malaise are not fun at all no way, no how.

Another day lived, another lesson learned.

A cool fence I saw at sundown screamed take my picture, I’m beautiful!  Just like A Dude and his trust Fuji bike.









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