Lawson Craddock in Time Trial and Road Race at Tokyo Olympics

Houston, Texas native and Austin transplant pro cyclist Lawson Craddock (who lives nearby me in Austin when he’s here but mostly in Girona, Spain) is headed for Japan. After winning the US men’s time trial with others on Team EF Education Nippo in third and fifth places) in Knoxville, Tennessee in June, and coming in fifth in the road race, he’ll feature in both disciplines in Tokyo next week. You can see my previous blogs about him by typing Lawson into the Search box on my home page.

Don’t know what I said to make him laugh, or if he was laughing at me, but he laughed.

Craddock, who’s first name is Gregory, has a nickname of Lawdog, is a close personal friend of mine. (Just kidding, but we did meet.) He became famous for breaking his scapula and getting a gash on his face on the first day of the 2017 Tour de France when a water bottle and spectator tripped him up. He went on to finish the entire tour as Lanterne Rouge (last place). But the boy has gumption.

He won youth national time trials back at age 19 when he was brought up through the USA Cycling development program. A member of the pro tour for 10 years now, he says he feels old. The EF Education-Nippo rider, 29 whom I follow on Strava, has been laser-focused on preparing for this event. But the Olympics have been a goal long before his pro career, so it’s finally happening.

Lawson on the TT bike taking first place in the men’s US. Source: EF Pro Cycling

Chloe Dygart will race the women’s TT for the US. There’s also BMX racing (bicycle motocross, where they take their bikes over some sweet jumps), if that’s your jam.

To watch, tune in to NBC,, NBC Sports, or Peacock. The men’s time trail is on Friday, July 23 at 9:00 pm Central DST. The road race is on Monday, July 26 at 1 am Central DST. (Do check your local listings.)

Go, Lawson, go!

Just another century training ride for the pro. You can follow Lawson and watch his rides. © Strava

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