Chats with Strangers Whilst Bicycling in Austin, Texas

A guy driving a truck is about to turn into the bike lane. ADAB stops to avoid getting hit.

ADAB: (Yelling.) “Hey, I’m right here in front of you!”
Guy:  (Looks left and right, doesn’t see me.)
ADAB:  (Slaps hood hard; yells louder.) “I’m right fucking here, asshole!”
Guy:  (Surprised. Says nothing.)
ADAB:  (Leaves in disgust, hoping he doesn’t follow, veer into him or shoot.)
Wouldn’t it be nice if all car drivers could always do this? Source

ADAB is doing 30 miles per hour downhill in an area where the bike lane starts then stops several times. A guy delivering something is parked illegally in the bike lanes.

Guy:  (Looks shocked.)

A couple is stopped at a light. She’s on a small electric rental bike; he’s on an electric scooter.

ADAB: “Hi, how fast do those things go?”
Man:  “I think mine gets up to about 15 miles per hour. Hers, probably faster.”
ADAB:  “I can do that going downhill, easy. Wanna race?”
Woman:  (Laughing.) “Really? You look pretty safe in that helmet.”
ADAB:  “So, is it on? Are we racing?”
Both:  (Laughing, hemming and hawing.)
(The light changes. ADAB takes off up a hill and leaves them behind. They never catch up.)

Convenience store, halfway through the ride on South Congress.

ADAB:  (Distracted.) “Sorry, I have to keep checking to make sure no one steals my bike.”
Clerk:  “You should lock it, people steal things around here.”
ADAB:  “What’s in those boxes?”
Clerk:  “Spicy chicken wings.”
ADAB:  “Are they old and you’re just going to throw them out?”
Clerk:  “Unfortunately we can’t give them away at this point.”
ADAB:  “Sure you could.”
Clerk:  “Actually I’m sorry, we’re not allowed.”
ADAB:  “There’s so much waste from restaurants and places like this. It’s too bad you can’t donate things to the food pantry right up the road. I’ll just take these juices and caramel popcorn.”
Clerk:  “Thank you, have a good night.”
ADAB:  “You, too.”

The first night masks are no longer required in Texas. A large social ride passes by on Congress Avenue.

ADAB:  (Loudly.) “Hey, can I join your stupid super-spreader COVID bike ride?”
Riders:  (Crickets.)

Right after that. Two guys biking downtown.

Guy 1:  “I kinda wanted to join that ride.”
Guy 2:  “Me, too, but I gotta get home.”
ADAB:  “Hi, my gears won’t shift easily. Do you know what would cause that? I’m guessing my cable is stretched.”
Guy 1:  “Could be. You could turn the barrel adjuster by the derailleur a click either direction to see if that helps.”
ADAB:  “Cool, thanks, I’ll try that. I’m not far from home so can take it to a shop tomorrow.”
Guy 1:  “I see your Trek shirt. I take my bike to their shop on Lamar.”
ADAB:  “Yeah, I won this bike from them in a Bike Austin raffle. That’s a pretty nice Cannondale.”
Guy 1:  “Right on. This came from a friend who wasn’t using it.”
ADAB:  “Sweet. Have a good ride.”
Guy 1:  "You too."
The road goes on forever, but often the bike lane ends. Source:

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    1. The dude speaks my mind. Also talent is wasted. We should all be excelling in our chosen fields with what gifts we done bring to the party. A Universal Basic Income would allow that. Then again weight not have garbage collectors. But robots and self driving trucks can do that. Anyway, I’m hungry. Dumpstah divin’ time!

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