Is There a Blog Post from A Dude Abikes Today?

Well, that depends what you mean by blog post. Are there like, you know, letters, words, sentences, paragraphs strung together in some sort of understandable fashion? Perhaps some photos? I suppose that with that definition, this is a definite maybe. It’s too soon to tell, really. If you’re still here and reading this, maybe the chances are improving that yes, in fact, this might resemble an actual blog post. It could be a drill, a test, an experiment. Maybe a computer (ro)bot has composed this? It’s hard to tell these days who and what’s real, or not. And what of this A Dude Abikes character? Is he real, does he exist In Real Life? Just who the hell does he think he is to write three blogs a week for going on 30 months? So many questions, we might have to go to another paragraph.

Oh, hello there! You made it! There appears that we are beginning to see the inception of a possible second paragraph. Wait for it… OK, yes! The word is that after four or five sentences, you’ve basically got a paragraph. So what’s going on in this one? More questions, apparently. Here’s a few for you: How are you? Are you enjoying this paragraph so far? How about the last one? If you’re here it must have had something in it to make you move on to the second one. We’re past the halfway point, though, now. Perhaps we should start wrapping this one up and consider if there’s enough interest to make a third one. Hmm, it’s hard to know. It’s so quiet out there. The void of the blank white page is like the void of deep dark space, except it’s two-dimensional and there’s oxygen and gravity, so really that’s not a great metaphor. Let’s move on from that, shall we?

OK, wow, that took a strange turn, didn’t it? Are you still here? Yes? Excellent! Me, too. That’s at least two of us. Shall we tango? Then again, better not. That’s a three-dimensional activity and this is only two. And tango I hear is like, you know, really hard to learn. Hey, do you know where that dance comes from? Before you answer, that gave me an idea for a joke. Wanna hear it? Of course you do! So what is the pirate’s favorite country to visit when he wants to dance while he’s down in South America? It’s Arrrrrrgentina! Get it? Funny, right? I’m glad you’re laughing. Yeah, it’s a little goofy, I know. But it’ll have to do for now. Even a little humor these days is a good thing. Anyway, this has been a wild paragraph, right? Dimensions, tango, pirates… I mean, I sure didn’t know where it was going when I started it, did you? No, of course not, how could you?

Alrighty then, what’s next? Huh? You want to read something about bicycling? Well, that makes sense, since this is basically a bike blog. But sometimes it’s not. It’s about walking, or yoga, or food, or writing a book about bicycling. Sometimes chocolate, or statistics, racism, movies, or even Buddhism. Rarely politics, though, have you noticed? I suppose that’s because there are plenty of places to go to discuss, debate and argue over that stuff. But now that you mention it, there’s a lot of stuff going on in the U.S. that seems very wrong to me. What do you think about our leaders using police violence — ordering secret federal troops to tear-gas, use less but still lethal bullets to shoot, and then kidnap people protesting police violence? Cray-cray, amirite? How about that silly Texas Congressman not wearing a mask during a global pandemic? He was going to ride a plane with the President but tested positive for COVID-19 so he can’t. He is now stuck at home and when done quarantining, if not dead, he will have to wear a mask to work? I’m in Texas and we have a ton of silly boys in Congress. Then there’s movie theaters being closed? That’s the worst.

But biking, yes, we should get into some topic about that. Hmm, I wonder what that could be? The other day was something about skin care for cyclists. Did you read that one? Several people thought it was pretty good advice. That’s nice, I like it when people like it. Today I did ride my bike, but only about nine miles. It was hot, and I had to go somewhere and do some things. Did you do anything today? Did you go somewhere on your bike? I wish you could tell me all about it. Maybe you have your own blog about bicycling? Let’s have anouther paragraph, ok? This one’s getting long.

Anyway, we were talking about your blog. If you have one, do you ever have days where you don’t know what to write? What do you do? If you don’t have a blog, can you imagine that after a while a blog write might not have a great idea for that day’s blog. So, the blogger just starts writing, and somehow words come out. It’s, like, you know, hard and stuff to do it, like three times a week. So hard! You know if you’re a blogger. But if you’re just a reader, maybe you can sympathize with the blogger who although he doesn’t have writer’s block definitely has some sort of wooden shape kids play with. Blocks bring back memories of being a kid. And the words blogs and blahs all sound kind of alike, did you ever notice that? Alright, alright, I’ll do one more paragraph, just because you keep asking.

I like bikes. Bikes are good. They’re cool. And fun. They save gas and don’t pollute. You get exercise and they’re good for your mood, too. Maybe next time I’ll write a blog post that’s more about bicycles, biking, cyclists, and so on. Did you know in Spanish they’re called bicis? That’s short for bicicleta. That’s a bit of free language education right there for you. You’re most welcome. Alright, well, thanks for reading. I guess this was a blog post after all. Huh, who saw that coming, right? I sure didn’t. I mean, who am I anyway? Just some dude with a blog and a bike, really, nobody special.

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13 thoughts on “Is There a Blog Post from A Dude Abikes Today?

  1. This random stream of consciousness had bits and pieces of it that were reminiscent of that speech that speech Vonnegut never really gave at a college commencement. The one about sunscreen. So my question is, did this blog post every really happen? I mean . . I think it did because I read it. But I read a LOT of things that make me wonder if it ever really happened . . .


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    1. You’re exactly right. Or perhaps not. Definitely one of those. Maybe. Question everything. Including questioning everything. It’s a stream so I guess just go with the flow… Life is but a dream.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love that term. You’re so clever, Dude. Yeah, it seems we have a brigade of imbeciles holding up the line to a better tomorrow. Same shit, different dilemma.

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