Some Interesting and Cool $#!& I Saw or Learned Today

Sometimes there’s not much on the main topic of this blog — bicycling — to write about. Fortunately, there’s no law requiring that. I’ve diverged into all kinds of posts: book, TV and movie reviews; a few original poems and puns; political rants; spiritual topics; imaginary interviews with my bike Sophie the Fairdale; profiles of other bike riders; conversations with writers; posts with mostly photographs; nutrition; walking; yoga; and writing itself. Probably a few other things, too.

Now I’m trying something new, a bit stream of consciousness. Trigger alert: I used a bad word in the title, but you already know that. I’ll repeat it for shits and giggles. Because somewhere, if someone giggles too hard, they also have the shits. Anyway, it’s about some interesting and cool shit I saw or learned today. I hope you enjoy it. We’ll start with a bicycle fact anyway.

Annie Cohen Kopchovsky was the first woman to bike around the world — in 1894-95. Source: Kveller via Jewniverse, courtesy of my Jewish mother

If you’re talking your nightly walk and someone has their very large pit bull mix off the leash and it starts to rush at you barking, hold your ground, make even louder barking noises, and forcefully and repeatedly tell it no. Alternate that with hurling expletive-filled insults at the owner at very high volumes. If they have a semblance of a sliver of conscience, they will get control of their beast and slink away. If not, report their sorry stupid irresponsible ass to your local government. Source: moi

Moving residences takes at least twice as long as you plan. Source: a law of nature

While sewing a button on a pair of pants, insert a pin in between the button and the pants. That way, it’s not too tight and has a little play and won’t snap off or be too tight to work. Source: my former roommate

a few small repairs

The singer Seal is famous for his music, but also because he was married to supermodel Heidi Klum for almost seven years. That’s interesting because she’s a model, and he has facial scarring from a medical condition. He once bought a huge Mercedes that drove like a boat and guzzled gas. But because he was a successful singer at a young age, he didn’t know any better. Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

When a dog can: sit, lie down, come here, stay, fist bump, do The Stare, high five, play dead, roll over, dance, sit up AND CLOSE THE DOOR BY STANDING ON HIS BACK LEGS AND PUSHING IT WITH HIS FRONT LEGS! — and is cute, to boot — that is one freakin’ awesome dog. His name is Gizmo. Now that I’ve moved out, he is social distancing from me, sadly. Source: Gizmo the dog

Watching too much cable news (even if you try not to but your roommate plays it frequently so you can’t help but to overhear it even with earphones on) literally causes your brain to rot, your emotions to turn black, and your soul to be sucked into a nameless void. Source: every cable news show ever

Well, that’s what I’ve got for now.

What cool or interesting $#!& did you learn or see that was cool today?

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6 thoughts on “Some Interesting and Cool $#!& I Saw or Learned Today

  1. Thank you for the mention. Does that mean I’m going to be famous?
    Your Jewish Mother
    P.S. Glad you liked the article about the first woman to cycle the globe.

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  2. We’re still in very restricted lockdown. Didn’t see anyone today on my walk around the grounds apart from the gardener who has a very cool ride on mower. Mowing the grass is a bit like painting the Forth Road Bridge – non stop job. We’ve had that heady mix of rain plus plenty of sunshine so it’s been growing quicker than he can cut it.

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